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Nature & Environment

Thousands of toxic toads have invaded Florida

 VIDEO  3-27-2019 | 12

A South Florida neighborhood has been besieged this month by countless thousands of poisonous cane toads.

Nature & Environment

Tiny frog has a poisonous inflatable backside

5-26-2018 | 4

South America's Cuyaba dwarf frog has a rather unique way of dissuading predators from eating it for lunch.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors remove 263 coins from man's stomach

11-28-2017 | 14

A man in India with suspected food poisoning was found to have 5kg of metal objects inside his stomach.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds poisoned trees in Norfolk

10-23-2017 | 5

Authorities have been investigating a recent 'attack' on a number of protected 200-year-old trees.

Modern Mysteries

Was author Jane Austen poisoned by arsenic ?

3-11-2017 | 5

A new study has indicated that the classic novelist may have died due to the arsenic in her medication.

Science & Technology

Desert people evolve to drink poisonous water

2-25-2017 | 2

The local people of Chile's Atacama desert have developed the ability to drink water laced with arsenic.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airman wins payout over Rendlesham UFO

3-4-2015 | 106

An American airman has received compensation after suffering radiation poisoning during the encounter.

Archaeology & History

Did poisoned wine kill Alexander the Great ?

1-13-2014 | 4

Mystery has long surrounded the strange and protracted death of one of history's greatest leaders.

Archaeology & History

14th century ring used to poison drinks

8-26-2013 | 12

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have uncovered a ring once used as a way to secretly poison people's drinks.


'Goblin' killer on the run in Zimbabwe

5-29-2013 | 28

Two elderly women were poisoned after being accused of using goblins to harm local children.

Science & Technology

Is a spider bite vaccine on the cards ?

5-10-2013 | 2

The war against poisonous spider bites could one day lead to a jab that will make a person immune.

Nature & Environment

Dead mice to be dropped over Guam

2-24-2013 | 41

Laced with poison, the dead mice are to help curb the large numbers of brown tree snakes in the region.

Nature & Environment

Warmer oceans causing species migration

6-29-2011 | 8

Poisonous algae and jellyfish are being found in British waters due to warmer ocean temperatures

Science & Technology

Genetically modified soy: a new poison?

5-6-2011 | 24

Paraguayan mother insists genetically modified soy killed her son, but does it really pose a danger ?

Nature & Environment

Nicotine replacements poisoning kids

3-9-2011 | 1

Increase in calls to National Poison Centres prompts NZ government to issue warnings about poisonings

Metaphysics & Psychology

Baby's voice wakes mother from coma

10-10-2009 | 4

A mother who fell in to a coma after contracting food poisoning was brought back to life after hearing the sound of her ...

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