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Airman wins payout over Rendlesham UFO

By T.K. Randall
March 4, 2015 · Comment icon 106 comments

The UFO had appeared in Rendlesham Forest. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Simon Leatherdale
An American airman has received compensation after suffering radiation poisoning during the encounter.
It's one of Britain's best known UFO cases and one that still remains unexplained more than twenty years later.

The incident occurred in December 1980 at Rendlesham Forest, England where a strange object appeared over multiple nights and was witnessed by several members of the military including Lt. Col. Charles Halt who famously recorded what was happening on audio tape while he and his men were investigating the craft.

One of the airmen who was there at the time however, John Burroughs, was exposed to so much radiation that he later developed a heart problem and had to undergo surgery.
Now after being denied compensation for years the US Veteran's Association has finally agreed to pay for his treatment, a move that has been hailed as an admission that UFOs can cause harm.

"I was not looking for anyone to believe me," he said. "All I have been concerned about was getting care for my illness. That was all that mattered."

Burroughs and colleague Jim Penniston had ventured much closer to the object than the other men in an effort to learn as much as possible about it. Penniston later described how it had been silver in color and noted that it had also been covered in strange symbols similar to heiroglyphics.

"I think this is a phenomenon the government is aware of, but are still trying to work out what it is," said Burroughs. "We had a very weird experience. There is clearly something strange going on."

Source: Mirror | Comments (106)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #97 Posted by bee 9 years ago
. Like the VA - the naysayers have to be dragged -kicking and screaming to admit ANYTHING to do with Penniston and Burroughs and Rendlesham was anything other than Lighthouses, rabbits etc etc... Imagine the day - when (if) there's any definite and official and scientific evidence amounting to Exibit A and proof - coming from Governments and Scientists - We 'believers' will have to organise counselling sessions and short breaks to relaxing locations to help all the naysayers get over the shock - Ha ha - .
Comment icon #98 Posted by KevinP 9 years ago
The radiation exposure claim is Burrough's. The VA hasn't said anything about Burrough's treatment or the reasons for it. The story so far is decidedly one sided which doesn't sit well with me personally, considering that Burroughs and his 'affiliates' have an agenda to promote their story as a UFO incident. For UFOlogy and Burroughs this is a win/win scenario. They can claim whatever they want and the VA legally can't set the story straight. THe VA can't due to doctor patient privacy.
Comment icon #99 Posted by S2F 9 years ago
THe VA can't due to doctor patient privacy. Yes, I've said that myself a couple of times already. It is due to HIPAA confidentiality and privacy regulations. The VA can't release any medical information without express consent of the patient. From what I understand though the VA wouldn't release the medical records to Burroughs for unnamed reasons however there may be issues due to inadvertently exposing a third party to the medical records. The VA may have it's own policy regarding release of records. Through HIPAA regulations you're not even allowed to accidentally expose patient information... [More]
Comment icon #100 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
yes mate, I have a big issue with the claim and it relies heavily on two major assumptions. Cheers mate, and remember, Ian is a very approachable person too A real gentleman. ok the first issue (assumption) is bolded above, who says it is a flashing light and not one continuous light? Andrew Cabansag confirms this in his statement? this creates the second assumption that Ian has potentially 'made fit'. Let me explain we have the words 'there it is ahead, off my flashlight, sir, there it is' why is this not one continuous light from 'there it is again - to- there it is'??? ... [More]
Comment icon #101 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
sadly I dont have an account (sure fire way to get divorced lol) It is? I just use it to keep up to date with the gym myself really. I have a looksee every now and then, but mainly gym stuff.
Comment icon #102 Posted by psyche101 9 years ago
to be fair nothing links them that we have seen. We have seen a statement from his lawyer which discusses the rendlesham incident and points to this being the cause of the medical issues. The VA have the medical records but refused to release them (even after many FOIA requests which are documented). Burroughs is certainly keen to make the connection via social media though. For someone that just wants his medical care, he rabbits on about something that is most likely not connected. The way these men carry on I find distasteful and I have to say does help bias me against their case. They are ... [More]
Comment icon #103 Posted by quillius 9 years ago
Hey Quillius, The HIPPA laws are now more stringent than in the past guarding one's information concerning personal medical information, so one can probably dismiss any attempts at a FOIA request. Given the spot light on issues with our VA system further hampers any search efforts. Psyche is correct, mitral valves malfunction for a variety of reasons including congenital defects that may have been minor or hidden issues early on, but become full blown issues later in one's lifetime. Best regards, Tim Hi Tim, good to see you discussing this case S2F also highlighted the same regarding HIPPA, wh... [More]
Comment icon #104 Posted by quillius 9 years ago
It is? I just use it to keep up to date with the gym myself really. I have a looksee every now and then, but mainly gym stuff. assuming it means Facebook?? if so then my wild youthful days would certainly come back to haunt me on there
Comment icon #105 Posted by quillius 9 years ago
Cheers mate, and remember, Ian is a very approachable person too A real gentleman. Andrew Cabansag confirms this in his statement? Sorry mate, not following you here, it was described as a beacon light, that can't be a continuous light can it? It's on the Halt tape, and times perfectly with the lighthouse beacon does it not? let me come back to you on this mate. After reading it again, it seems further on the tran Halt mentions the 'flashing red light' I concede this does indicate the initial conversation was about a flashing light because Halt described this as red. Therefore later on w... [More]
Comment icon #106 Posted by RSF 9 years ago
John deserves every penny rec'd for his years of suffering and huge medical expenses. I'm quite happy for him.

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