Monday, July 22, 2024
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The UFO Phenomenon

MUFON unveils unidentifiable 'alien material' at annual symposium

 VIDEO  7-19-2024 | 20

The Mutual UFO Network showed off mysterious material that is thought to be from an alien spacecraft.

World of the Bizarre

Cops catch up to mystery 'graffiti ghost' artist in Florida

7-17-2024 | 1

The mysterious vandal had been leaving paintings of ghosts all around the Tarpon Springs area.

Space & Astronomy

'Near-indestructible' desert moss could be the key to terraforming Mars

7-7-2024 | 4

Scientists have identified a type of desert moss that can survive in the most extreme conditions imaginable.


Scientists find a new way to search for intelligent alien civilizations

6-27-2024 | 15

If an alien civilization has terraformed the atmosphere of a distant planet, we may be able to find it.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious figure filmed in the stadium rafters at Taylor Swift concert

6-17-2024 | 17

The clip, which shows the silhouette of a single person high up above the venue, has gone viral on social media.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two pilots radio in to report sightings of the same UFO over Ireland

6-10-2024 | 77

Both pilots had contacted air traffic control to report that they had spotted something unusual in the sky.

Space & Astronomy

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft finally launches on first crewed flight

 VIDEO  6-5-2024 | 250

Boeing's long-troubled alternative to the SpaceX Crew Dragon has made it off the launchpad with two astronauts on board.

Science & Technology

US Air Force reveals new photos of its B-21 nuclear stealth bomber

5-27-2024 | 2

The next-generation aircraft looks like something you are more likely to find in a science fiction movie.

Space & Astronomy

If there is alien life on Europa, we might soon know about it

4-10-2024 | 9

NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft will be carrying an instrument that may be capable of detecting signs of primitive life.

Space & Astronomy

China is attempting to build a giant rail gun to fire astronauts into space

3-22-2024 | 3

Launching a rocket takes a lot of energy, but what if it were possible to fire a spacecraft into space instead?

The UFO Phenomenon

MI6 unit recovered 'non-human' craft 40 years ago, claims ex-paratrooper

3-20-2024 | 34

A former British Special Forces paratrooper claims that the UK military captured a crashed alien spacecraft in the 1980s.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk's Starship soars into the heavens on successful third test flight

 VIDEO  3-14-2024 | 58

The enormous next-generation spacecraft launched atop a Super Heavy booster in Texas earlier today.

Archaeology & History

Where did the idea that witches fly on broomsticks originate ?

3-11-2024 | 6

Historian Michael D. Bailey explores witchcraft down the ages and why people believed that witches could fly.

Science & Technology

World's fastest plane, the SR-72 'Son of Blackbird', could debut soon

 VIDEO  3-8-2024 | 9

Rumors have swirled for years around the development of a new type of hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft.

Space & Astronomy

Hopes for life on Europa diminish as probe finds lower oxygen levels

3-6-2024 | 5

NASA's Juno spacecraft has sampled Europa's atmosphere and discovered less oxygen than had been expected.

Space & Astronomy

Japan has become the 5th country to land a spacecraft on the Moon

 VIDEO  1-22-2024 | 24

The achievement is not only significant for Japan but could also pave the way toward many more lunar missions.

Science & Technology

NASA officially unveils 'son of Concorde' X-59 quiet supersonic plane

 VIDEO  1-16-2024 | 24

The futuristic aircraft can reach supersonic speeds without producing deafening sonic booms.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery object spotted over Air Force One during Biden's Los Angeles visit

 VIDEO  12-27-2023 | 14

The object was captured on camera during a livestream of aircraft activity over Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Space & Astronomy

China has launched its secretive space plane on another mystery mission

12-15-2023 | 3

The launch marks the third trip into space for the Chinese reusable experimental spacecraft.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk's Starship explodes during second orbital test fight

 VIDEO  11-18-2023 | 42

The enormous spacecraft successfully reached space for the first time but was unable to make it home in one piece.

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