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Space & Astronomy

Cassini spots Nile-like river on Titan

12-15-2012 | 26

The massive hydrocarbon-filled river snakes its way over more than 250 miles of the Saturnian moon.

Nature & Environment

Why do we fear snakes and spiders ?

6-20-2012 | 92

Humans are believed to have evolved the innate ability to both sense and fear spiders and snakes.


Buddhists release snakes, cause plague

6-9-2012 | 23

Buddhists in China enacted a 'compassionate release' by unleashing hundreds of snakes near a village.

Nature & Environment

Philippine hunters attacked by giant snakes

12-17-2011 | 12

The Agta Negritos people have had to combat attacks from huge reticulated pythons for years.

World of the Bizarre

Entertainer puts 3ft snakes up his nose

11-6-2011 | 12

An entertainer from China has become famous for putting snakes up his nose and out of his mouth.

Nature & Environment

How did snakes lose their legs ?

2-9-2011 | 19

New research has strengthened the view that snakes evolved from lizards whose legs became redundant.

World of the Bizarre

"Idaho snake house" up for sale

1-24-2011 | 17

The home's owners fled the premesis last year due to its infestation by thousands of snakes.

World of the Bizarre

Snake and scorpion wine on sale

1-21-2011 | 20

A village in Vietnam is producing bottles of wine containing cobra snakes and scorpions.

Nature & Environment

Pentagon seeks secret of flying snakes

11-24-2010 | 24

The Defense Department has invested in research to figure out how flying snakes glide through the air.

Nature & Environment

Snakes in mysterious global decline

6-14-2010 | 20

Concerns have been raised over declining populations of snakes in various regions across the globe.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

In search of giant snakes

4-9-2010 | 19

Mike and Greg Warner have released new footage showing evidence of a large snake near a settlement in Peru.


Fossil evidence that snakes ate dinosaurs found

3-2-2010 | 0

For the first time fossils have been found that prove prehistoric snakes would have snacked on newborn dinosaurs.

Science & Technology

Fear of spiders can develop before birth

2-19-2010 | 10

Scientists now think that a fear of spiders and snakes may develop before a person is born due to the mother's experiences.

Nature & Environment

Giant snakes invade Florida

9-19-2009 | 14

Already facing an invasion of giant Burmese pythons Florida is now the home to a growing number of Africa's largest snak...

Nature & Environment

Rabbits go on snake killing rampage

9-17-2009 | 19

In a bizarre role reversal a 42-year-old man in Australia who had been finding dead snakes on his property discovered th...


World's largest ever snake discovered

2-5-2009 | 20

A new species of prehistoric giant boa constrictor, the "Titanoboa", has been discovered. This behemoth of the reptile w...

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