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Entertainer puts 3ft snakes up his nose

By T.K. Randall
November 6, 2011 · Comment icon 12 comments

Image Credit: CC 2.5 Leofleck
An entertainer from China has become famous for putting snakes up his nose and out of his mouth.
The eye-watering act performed by 52-year-old Liu Fei has proven very popular and has caught the attention of the press. Not only does he put the 3ft long cauliflower snakes up his nose but is able to thread them back out through his mouth.
Chinese entertainer Liu Fei, from Jiangxi province, amazingly enjoys putting 3ft long cauliflower snakes up his nose and letting them out of his mouth.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (12)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by thatRobGuy 13 years ago
Not gonna watch that one - I conscientiously object to exposing myself to something that will make me throw up . Seriously though, I agree who sits there thinking, "hey I got a great idea for some fun - I'm gonna stick live snakes up my nose" Doesn't everybody?
Comment icon #4 Posted by libstaK 13 years ago
Doesn't everybody?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Asphodel 13 years ago
Reptiles carry salmonella. It's not a problem if you wash your hands after handling them, and the risk of contagion is usually low anyway, but that man has snakes in direct contact with the inside of his mouth. That's a horrible idea. He's an idiot.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Robert1 13 years ago
That's just really gross. I wonder what kind of drugs he was on when he came up with this idea.
Comment icon #7 Posted by SewerRat 13 years ago
I suppose he's using it as a sort of vindscreen viper.
Comment icon #8 Posted by little_dreamer 13 years ago
He must have some kind of hole in his nasal cavity. Not sure how it is possible otherwise.
Comment icon #9 Posted by sandcat 13 years ago
yuck!!!! but i guess that some people would do anything for a buck
Comment icon #10 Posted by thatRobGuy 13 years ago
What! He got a back for that *Goes out and buys a snake*
Comment icon #11 Posted by LivNinHawaii 13 years ago
Doesn't seem like a nice thing to do to the snake... I wonder how that dude would feel if a larger entity stuffed him up their nose for mere entertainment against his will. I hope the snake poops in his sinuses.
Comment icon #12 Posted by SCHMITTHEAD 13 years ago
hope thats the only hole that hes putting that snake...poor snake!!

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