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Science & Technology

Real-life T-800 could have spider silk muscles

3-3-2019 | 2

Scientists have discovered that it may be possible to use spider silk to create muscles and actuators for robots.

Nature & Environment

1,000ft spider web covers edge of Greek lagoon

 VIDEO  9-22-2018 | 5

A vast stretch of vegetation next to Aitoliko Lagoon has become hidden beneath a huge mass of spider silk.

Science & Technology

Spider silk spun into violin strings

3-6-2012 | 11

A researcher in Japan has managed to spin a set of violin strings out of the silk from a spider.

Science & Technology

Goats bred to produce spider silk

8-17-2011 | 17

Scientists have succeeded in breeding goats capable of producing spider silk proteins in their milk.

Nature & Environment

Super-strong metallic spider silk created

4-25-2009 | 8

Scientists have found that adding small amounts of metal such as zinc or titanium to a length of spider silk makes it a ...

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