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Space & Astronomy

What does Stephen Hawking's final theory of the cosmos tell us ?

5-11-2023 | 5

Professor Thomas Hertog discusses working alongside the late physicist on the ultimate theory.

Science & Technology

Stephen Hawking's wheelchair to go up for sale

10-22-2018 | 8

Several of the late physicist's scientific papers and possessions are to be sold at auction next week.

Science & Technology

Hawking's final book answers the big questions

10-16-2018 | 12

The late physicist's last book, which was published today, attempts to answer the biggest questions of them all.

Space & Astronomy

Stephen Hawking's words to be sent into space

6-14-2018 | 6

The words of the much missed astrophysicist will be beamed towards the nearest black hole on Friday.

Science & Technology

Hawking service 'open to time travelers'

 VIDEO  5-12-2018 | 8

Organizers of Stephen Hawking's memorial service have seemingly left the door open to visitors from the future.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking's final multiverse theory published

5-2-2018 | 47

Stephen Hawking's final theory of the cosmos was completed shortly before he passed away in March.

Science & Technology

Physicist Stephen Hawking has died aged 76

 VIDEO  3-14-2018 | 24

One of the greatest scientific minds of our age, Hawking passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Science & Technology

Stephen Hawking celebrates 76th birthday

 VIDEO  1-8-2018 | 7

Upon first being diagnosed with motor neurone disease at 21, Hawking was given a mere 2 years to live.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking's PhD thesis released for free online

10-23-2017 | 2

The world-famous physicist hopes that his doctorate will encourage people to 'look up at the stars'.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking: 'Trump could turn Earth in to Venus'

7-5-2017 | 326

In an interview on his 75th birthday, Professor Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of global warming.

Space & Astronomy

'Star Chip' could reach Earth 2.0 in 20 years

6-21-2017 | 20

Stephen Hawking is hoping to send a space probe to a potentially habitable world around Alpha Centauri.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking: 'we must leave Earth before 2117'

5-3-2017 | 43

Professor Stephen Hawking is making a documentary about humanity's need to colonize other worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Stephen Hawking is planning to go in to space

3-20-2017 | 1

The celebrated physicist has described journeying in to outer space as his 'ultimate ambition'.

Science & Technology

Hawking warns that technology will destroy us

3-9-2017 | 24

The world-famous physicist has suggested that a 'world government' could stop technology wiping us out.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking and NASA develop interstellar probe

12-12-2016 | 18

Professor Stephen Hawking has teamed up with NASA to design and develop an interstellar nano-starship.


Stephen Hawking warns against contacting ET

9-24-2016 | 152

The world-famous physicist believes that contacting intelligent extraterrestrials is probably a bad idea.

Science & Technology

Woman arrested over Hawking death threats

7-2-2016 | 13

An American woman has been arrested for sending a series of death threats to the world-famous physicist.

Space & Astronomy

Has Hawking radiation been proven correct ?

4-25-2016 | 10

Stephen Hawking's theory of energy being emitted by a black hole may finally earn him a Nobel Prize.

Space & Astronomy

Miniature black hole could power our planet

2-3-2016 | 19

Stephen Hawking has suggested that a single black hole could power the whole world's electricity supply.

Science & Technology

Hawking: 'mankind must venture into space'

1-22-2016 | 41

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that we could face annihilation if we do not colonize other worlds.

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