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The UFO Phenomenon

'E.T.' director Steven Spielberg comments on UFOs and cover-ups

3-5-2023 | 6

The legendary director recently expressed his enthusiasm for the topic during an interview with Stephen Colbert.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Steven Spielberg believed his DVD of 'Paranormal Activity' was haunted

11-25-2022 | 13

The iconic movie director had his own paranormal experience after watching a pre-release copy of the original 2007 movie.


ET reunites with Elliot in new ad 37 years on

 VIDEO  11-29-2019 | 9

A heartwarming new Christmas ad has reunited Steven Spielberg's friendly alien with the now grown-up Elliot.

World of the Bizarre

Spielberg 'dinosaur poaching' photo backlash

7-11-2014 | 65

A picture from Jurassic Park posted as a joke has ended up being blasted by animal rights activists.

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