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Archaeology & History

Gigantic 1km-long megastructure discovered beneath the Baltic Sea

2-13-2024 | 17

The huge structure could potentially be the oldest Stone Age megastructure built by humans in Europe.

Archaeology & History

Ancient structure near Prague is older than Stonehenge and the pyramids

9-23-2022 | 3

Archaeologists believe that the mysterious structure was built around 7,000 years ago.

Nature & Environment

Monkeys in Panama have entered the Stone Age

 VIDEO  7-4-2018 | 15

Remarkable new footage shows a white-faced capuchin using a stone as a hammer to break open nuts to eat.

Archaeology & History

Stone Age pendant has its own secret code

2-26-2016 | 2

An 11,000-year-old pendant unearthed in Yorkshire has been inscribed with a series of lines and symbols.

Archaeology & History

Ritual caves found on 'witchcraft' island

10-6-2015 | 12

Evidence of a 9,000-year-old Stone Age ritual site has been found on the Swedish island of Bla Jungfrun.


5,000-year-old human footprints discovered

11-15-2014 | 9

Two sets of human footprints dating back to the Stone Age have been found on the island of Lolland.

Archaeology & History

Divers uncover relics of Stone Age 'Atlantis'

1-28-2014 | 22

Stone Age artifacts left behind by Swedish nomads have been unearthed on the floor of the Baltic Sea.

Archaeology & History

Otzi the iceman was native to Central Europe

11-13-2012 | 10

New findings have shown that Otzi was very much like other Stone Age farmers found throughout Europe.

Archaeology & History

Tomb found near Sweden's 'Stonehenge'

10-25-2012 | 7

The 5,500-year-old tomb of a Stone Age chieftain has been unearthed at Sweden's Ale's Stenar monument.


Mystery surrounds smashed Stone Age skulls

8-19-2012 | 5

Collections of skulls separated from their skeletons have been proving a puzzle to archaeologists.


Stone Age social networking similar to ours

2-1-2012 | 8

Strip away all of the mod cons we all live with and we aren't so socially different from our ancestors.

Archaeology & History

Huge network of Stone Age tunnels found

8-6-2011 | 75

A vast network of neolithic tunnels built 12,000 years ago would have criss-crossed the UK and Europe.


Stone Age man 'ate bread, not just meat'

10-20-2010 | 11

Prehistoric man may have fed on a balanced diet consisting of both meat and bread.


Stone Age Lucy changes history

8-13-2010 | 11

Scientists have found evidence that stone tools were used to cut meat almost 1 million years earlier than thought.


Stone age medicine more advanced than thought

1-26-2010 | 3

A 7000-year-old skeleton of a man who had undergone an amputation has shed new light on stone age medicine.

Archaeology & History

Early man used primitive

9-20-2009 | 3

New research has shown that Britain's stone age ancestors were sophisticated engineers and would have used a primitive v...

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