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Science & Technology

World's largest lithium deposit found in extinct supervolcano

9-11-2023 | 6

The discovery - the largest of its kind ever made - could provide the world with enough lithium to build batteries for decades.

Science & Technology

Supervolcano could erupt sooner than thought

10-13-2017 | 10

The enormous supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park could erupt with only a few years' warning.

Science & Technology

Italian supervolcano's magma source found

9-18-2017 | 4

Scientists have discovered evidence of a 'hot zone' feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy.

Science & Technology

Can the Yellowstone supervolcano be stopped ?

8-19-2017 | 17

NASA has come up with an ambitious new plan to cool down the supervolcano by using it as an energy source.


Supervolcanoes helped seal dinosaurs' fate

10-2-2015 | 4

The asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs might have also produced intense volcanic activity.

Space & Astronomy

ESA discovers ancient supervolcano on Mars

5-22-2015 | 15

The Siloe Patera crater on Mars is now believed to be the collapsed center of an enormous volcano.

Science & Technology

Vast lava reservoir found under Yellowstone

4-25-2015 | 54

A chamber containing 11,200 cubic miles of molten rock has been found below Yellowstone National Park.

Science & Technology

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano dying ?

3-27-2014 | 42

In the event of an eruption the volcano could spew out 2,000 times the debris of Mount Saint Helen's.

Science & Technology

Supervolcano eruption mystery solved

1-7-2014 | 11

Scientists investigating what causes a supervolcano to erupt believe that they've found the answer.

Science & Technology

Supervolcano turns out to be double the size

12-11-2013 | 73

The supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park is believed to be 2.5 times larger than earlier estimates.

Science & Technology

'Supervolcano' forming near New Zealand

2-15-2013 | 26

A massive volcano with enough destructive power to destroy the world is forming north of New Zealand.

Nature & Environment

Top 5 natural disaster threats

10-2-2009 | 1

From killer asteroids to supervolcanoes, doomsday scenarios involving natural disasters have been the subject of specula...

Science & Technology

Plumbing of a supervolcano revealed

9-28-2009 | 1

Its one of the most destructive forces on the planet and now scientists have been given the chance to take a glimpse for...

Science & Technology

Ancient supervolcano caused volcanic winter

7-9-2009 | 2

Scientists investigating the consequences of a supervolcano eruption have concluded that in the past these would have cr...

Science & Technology

Is Mount St. Helens a supervolcano ?

6-16-2009 | 2

Scientists from New Zealand have determined that Mt. St. Helens could actually be a Supervolcano, with several large vol...

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