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Archaeology & History

The Stone of Destiny and other historical symbols in the modern age

5-1-2023 | 0

The stone will play an important role in the King's coronation, but its recent history has been steeped in controversy.

Modern Mysteries

Woman finds creepy drawing hidden in kitchen

5-23-2021 | 24

A woman who had been looking for her cat found a mysterious hole with a strange drawing hidden inside it.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious inscribed cubes discovered in river

5-14-2020 | 22

A magnet fisherman in England has reeled in a haul of 60 lead cubes inscribed with strange symbols.

Modern Mysteries

Scottish police left baffled by mystery symbols

10-8-2019 | 18

Unexplained markings that have appeared on pavements around Thornhill have left officers scratching their heads.

Archaeology & History

Ancient carvings confirm deadly comet strike

4-21-2017 | 836

Symbols found at Gobekli Tepe seem to confirm that a comet struck the Earth in the year 10,950 B.C.

Modern Mysteries

Is the Voynich manuscript an elaborate hoax ?

9-25-2016 | 29

Cryptographers have been attempting to decipher the text's mysterious symbols and diagrams for decades.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery symbols turn up at Colorado campuses

 VIDEO  3-4-2016 | 25

Students and teachers across Colorado have been encountering strange symbols at their universities.

Archaeology & History

Stone Age pendant has its own secret code

2-26-2016 | 2

An 11,000-year-old pendant unearthed in Yorkshire has been inscribed with a series of lines and symbols.


Scientology 'space cathedral' located ?

1-1-2013 | 17

Two huge symbols etched in to the New Mexico desert floor are said to mark the site of a secret bunker.

Archaeology & History

Ancient language mystery deepens

8-12-2010 | 7

Mystery surrounds a series of drawings and symbols on a Pictish tablet that could be an ancient language.

Archaeology & History

AI cracks 4000-year-old mystery

4-26-2009 | 1

Artificially intelligent computer systems have managed to make some headway in deciphering symbols used over 4000 years ...

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