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Nature & Environment

160ft 'floating terrors' spotted off UK coast

 VIDEO  10-8-2021 | 2

Authorities have warned beachgoers to be wary of a particularly large invader with a potentially deadly sting.

Nature & Environment

Ivory-billed woodpecker joins extinction list

10-1-2021 | 4

The distinctive bird is among 23 species in the US that are about to be declared officially extinct by authorities.

Nature & Environment

Human remains found inside Louisiana alligator

9-19-2021 | 4

Wildlife authorities have identified an alligator that is suspected of killing a man who was reported missing.

Modern Mysteries

'Unknown phenomenon' reported in Tennessee

9-11-2021 | 19

Authorities in Tennessee were left scratching their heads at the weekend after reports of a mysterious explosion.

Modern Mysteries

Havana syndrome hits US diplomats in Vienna

7-18-2021 | 19

Cases of unexplained illness among US diplomats are now being investigated by the authorities in Austria.

Archaeology & History

Dead Sea Scroll had two authors, not one

4-22-2021 | 0

A new study has revealed that one of the famous historical scrolls was written by more than one person.


Michio Kaku: 'contacting ET is a terrible idea'

4-4-2021 | 19

The author and theoretical physicist has expressed doubts about the wisdom of contacting intelligent aliens.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope debunks 'flying saucer' photograph

3-16-2021 | 10

A recent image of an alleged UFO in England has been thoroughly debunked by the former MoD investigator.

Archaeology & History

2,000-year-old biblical texts found in Israel

3-16-2021 | 5

The discovery - the first of its kind in decades - was announced this week by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

World of the Bizarre

Pandemic inspires 1,200 bizarre German words

3-7-2021 | 5

Events over the last 12 months have spawned a whole plethora of weird and wonderful words and phrases.

World of the Bizarre

'Dead' woman spends years proving she is alive

1-14-2021 | 4

Jeanne Pouchain has spent the last three years trying to prove to French authorities that she isn't dead.

Archaeology & History

100 intact sarcophagi unearthed near Cairo

 VIDEO  11-15-2020 | 6

Egyptian authorities have revealed another significant discovery at the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo.

Nature & Environment

Virginia invaded by venomous hairy caterpillars

10-9-2020 | 8

Authorities have warned residents to steer clear of the pests which have shown up in the east of the state.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery seeds sent to random US households

7-27-2020 | 80

Authorities in three states are investigating why people have been receiving mystery seed packets from China.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds death of 150 elephants

6-18-2020 |

The unexplained demise of more than 150 elephants in Botswana has left authorities scratching their heads.

The UFO Phenomenon

Japanese authorities investigate mystery object

 VIDEO  6-18-2020 | 11

A large balloon-like 'UFO' has captured the attention of local residents, the media and even the government.

World of the Bizarre

Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police

5-29-2020 | 13

A pigeon carrying a 'coded message' was recently captured by authorities in India on suspicion of spying.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious black raindrops fall over Japan

3-8-2020 | 10

Authorities in central Japan have been trying to track down what was responsible for turning the rain black.

Modern Mysteries

The truth about Charles Dickens' death revealed

2-5-2020 | 2

There has been much uncertainty about the circumstances surrounding the celebrated author's burial.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Another 'Bigfoot' shows up on WSDOT webcam

1-26-2020 | 32

Authorities in Washington have recorded footage of a figure trudging through the snow near Snoqualmie Pass.

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