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Science & Technology

First ever 8k video footage of the Titanic released

 VIDEO  9-3-2022 | 4

The highest resolution footage yet seen of the ill-fated vessel shows the wreck in more detail than ever before.

Space & Astronomy

NASA considers Titan sample return mission

5-31-2021 | 0

A mission to collect samples from Saturn's moon Titan and return them to Earth could be on the cards.

Modern Mysteries

Was this note written by a Titanic passenger ?

5-9-2021 | 6

A message-in-a-bottle found washed up on a beach in Canada may have come from the ill-fated vessel.


Argentinian titanosaur may be oldest ever found

3-1-2021 | 2

Palaeontologists have unearthed what is thought to be the oldest member of one of the largest dinosaur species.

Modern Mysteries

Did a solar flare cause the Titanic disaster ?

9-17-2020 | 10

It is now believed that a geomagnetic storm interfered with the Titanic's navigation and communications.

Modern Mysteries

Super rare photo of Titanic iceberg revealed

6-16-2020 | 15

108 years on from the iconic vessel's doomed maiden voyage, a new image of the iceberg has surfaced.

Modern Mysteries

Firm in new bid to remove Titanic artifacts

2-23-2020 | 9

An underwater salvage company is seeking legal permission to retrieve objects from inside the wreck.

Modern Mysteries

US and UK sign new treaty to protect Titanic

1-21-2020 | 3

Access to the wreck of the world-famous vessel, which sank in 1912, has long remained a point of contention.

Science & Technology

First Titanic footage in 14 years released

 VIDEO  8-22-2019 | 1

The first new expedition to the Titanic in over a decade has revealed the deterioration of the iconic vessel.

Modern Mysteries

Titanic discoverer to look for Amelia Earhart

7-26-2019 | 22

The man who discovered the wreck of the Titanic is now aiming to solve the disappearance of the famed aviator.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces 'Dragonfly' mission to Titan

 VIDEO  6-27-2019 | 38

A new $850 million drone-like lander will be venturing on to (and above) the surface of Saturn's enigmatic moon.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Titanic captain's haunted mirror up for auction

11-20-2018 | 14

A mirror that reportedly belonged to Captain Edward John Smith is expected to fetch over $12,000.

Science & Technology

$500M Titanic replica due to set sail in 2022

10-24-2018 | 16

The life-size replica of the ill-fated vessel will retrace the route taken by the original Titanic on its maiden voyage.

Space & Astronomy

Planet is so hot that even metal evaporates

8-16-2018 | 5

The extrasolar planet known as Kelt-9b is so hot that its atmosphere contains vaporized iron and titanium.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's moon Titan has its own sea level

1-19-2018 | 5

Just like the oceans here on Earth, Titan's hydrocarbon seas and lakes lie at an average elevation.

Science & Technology

Titanic to be turned in to a tourist attraction

1-14-2018 | 18

Entrepreneur Stockton Rush is aiming to offer tourists the opportunity to visit the wreckage in person.

Space & Astronomy

Helicopter drone could one day explore Titan

12-26-2017 | 3

NASA is considering a mission to Saturn's moon Titan that would use a drone to scout across large areas.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini is destroyed as it flies in to Saturn

 VIDEO  9-15-2017 | 34

One of the greatest robotic space missions of all time has finally reached its inevitable conclusion.

Space & Astronomy

Titanium oxide detected on extrasolar planet

9-14-2017 | 2

For the first time, astronomers have picked up signs of titanium oxide on a distant extrasolar world.


World's largest ever dinosaur identified

 VIDEO  8-9-2017 |

A 70-ton titanosaur has been officially established as the largest land animal ever to walk the Earth.

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