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Ancient Mysteries

Ancient tombs unearthed beneath Notre-Dame cathedral

 VIDEO  3-16-2022 | 5

The discovery, which dates back to the 14th-Century, has been described as 'remarkable'.

Ancient Mysteries

King Tut's dagger may have come from outside Egypt

 VIDEO  2-22-2022 | 3

A 4,300-year-old dagger found in the boy king's tomb may have originated from a different country entirely.

Ancient Mysteries

Stone linked to King Arthur is 6,000 years old

9-1-2021 | 3

An enigmatic stone tomb in England known as Arthur's Stone is now thought to predate Stonehenge.

Ancient Mysteries

250 ancient rock-cut tombs unearthed in Egypt

5-25-2021 | 1

Archaeologists discovered the tombs at the Al-Hamidiyah cemetery in the desert 240 miles southeast of Cairo.

Ancient Mysteries

Revealed: the face of Siberia's 'Tutankhamun'

1-18-2021 | 4

Scientists in Russia have painstakingly reconstructed the face of a Scythian king found in a tomb in East Siberia.

Ancient Mysteries

Virtual tour offers trip inside Egyptian tomb

4-19-2020 | 5

You can now check out the 5,000-year-old interior of Queen Meresankh III's tomb and it's completely free.

Ancient Mysteries

Radar scans hint at King Tut hidden chamber

2-20-2020 | 50

A new radar survey of the young pharaoh's tomb has revealed the possible existence of a hidden room.

Ancient Mysteries

Colorful 4,300-year-old tomb unveiled in Egypt

 VIDEO  4-15-2019 | 5

The L-shaped necropolis, which dates back to the Fifth Dynasty, was discovered near Saqqara last month.

Ancient Mysteries

Why do Egyptian statues have missing noses ?

3-19-2019 | 11

Tomb robbers may have deliberately defaced statues and artwork to prevent spirits from seeking revenge.

Ancient Mysteries

King Tut's tomb restoration finally complete

 VIDEO  1-24-2019 | 2

The decade-long process of restoring and reinforcing the 3,000-year-old tomb has finally been completed.

Ancient Mysteries

Hidden carvings found at Scottish cathedral

12-30-2018 | 0

Conservationists have uncovered stone carvings dating back 600 years on the tomb of a medieval bishop.

Ancient Mysteries

'One of a kind' tomb unearthed in Egypt

 VIDEO  12-16-2018 | 19

A remarkably well preserved 4,400-year-old tomb has been discovered in the ancient city of Saqqara.

Ancient Mysteries

800 tombs unearthed in Egyptian necropolis

9-15-2018 | 2

Archaeologists have discovered more than 800 tombs in an ancient necropolis outside of the village of Lisht.

Ancient Mysteries

3,200-year-old cheese discovered in Egypt

8-19-2018 | 10

A strange white substance found inside a broken jar from an ancient tomb has turned out to be cheese.


Thousands sign up to drink rancid tomb water

7-23-2018 | 167

A petition has been launched to encourage people to drink the water from a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus.

Ancient Mysteries

5,500-year-old tomb discovered in Ireland

7-17-2018 | 6

A megalithic tomb unearthed in County Meath has been described by archaeologists as the 'find of a lifetime'.


Mystery ape discovered inside Chinese tomb

6-22-2018 | 7

The remains of an extinct species of ape have been found inside a 2,300-year-old burial chamber.

Ancient Mysteries

No hidden chamber in Tutankhamun's tomb

5-6-2018 | 42

A third radar scan of the young pharoah's tomb has conclusively ruled out the existence of hidden chambers.

Ancient Mysteries

Mummy discovered in unexplored Luxor tomb

12-10-2017 | 21

Archaeologists have uncovered an unidentified mummy within a previously unexplored tomb near Luxor, Egypt.

Ancient Mysteries

Tomb of Jesus is much older than thought

 VIDEO  11-29-2017 | 9

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is now thought to date back more than 1,700 years.

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