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Modern Mysteries

Tunguska event still intrigues, 113 years on

7-5-2021 | 13

Scientists are still investigating exactly what flattened part of the Siberian wilderness back in 1908.

Modern Mysteries

Scientists scour Tunguska for 'cosmic matter'

2-28-2020 | 12

Efforts are underway to prove once and for all that the 1908 Tunguska explosion was caused by a meteor.

Science & Technology

Fresh doubts cast on Tunguska impact theory

1-21-2017 | 22

Russian scientists have found evidence to suggest that the impact crater may predate the event itself.

Science & Technology

Mystery still surrounds 1908 Tunguska event

7-10-2016 | 13

Did an asteroid strike the remote Siberian wilderness over a century ago or did something else happen ?

Science & Technology

First Tunguska meteorite fragments found ?

5-3-2013 | 16

Scientist Andrei Zlobin believes he has identified three meteorite pieces in the Tunguska region.

Modern Mysteries

101 years on Tunguska blast still a mystery

7-27-2009 | 15

101 years ago a huge explosion occured over Tunguska, the blast causing devastation over 2,000 square kilometers and des...

Space & Astronomy

Space shuttle provides Tunguska clues

6-26-2009 | 1

The 1908 explosion over Tunguska in Siberia was most certainly caused by a comet it has been claimed. The conclusion is ...

The UFO Phenomenon

Did a UFO collide with Tunguska meteorite ?

5-29-2009 | 38

A Russian scientist has claimed that a UFO deliberately collided with a gigantic meteorite over Tunguska in order to sav...

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