Saturday, September 30, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

NASA releases its 33-page report on yearlong study into UAPs

 VIDEO  9-14-2023 | 35

A media briefing earlier today outlined the findings in the report as well as what it could all mean for the future of UFO research.

The UFO Phenomenon

Details of secret UFO memo sent to Justin Trudeau revealed

9-10-2023 | 71

The memo concerned the shooting down of a UAP over Canada's Yukon Peninsula earlier this year.

The UFO Phenomenon

Legislators to discuss the UFO phenomenon at meeting on July 26th

7-18-2023 | 61

The House Oversight Committee is reportedly planning to meet up to discuss the topic of UFOs next week.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon releases footage of 'metallic sphere' UAP over Iraq

 VIDEO  4-20-2023 | 2

The remarkable footage was disclosed during this week's Senate Committee hearing on the topic of UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Senate Committee to hold open hearing on UFOs this week

4-17-2023 | 0

The hearing will reportedly focus on addressing concerns over the growing number of UFO (or UAP) reports.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon has footage of UFOs being shot down... but it's classified

3-31-2023 | 44

Officials have confirmed the existence of recent footage showing UAPs being shot down over North America.

The UFO Phenomenon

UAP sightings don't conform to laws of physics, new paper claims

3-12-2023 | 5

Harvard’s Avi Loeb and the Pentagon's Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick have co-authored a new paper on the subject.

The UFO Phenomenon

US fighter jet shoots down 'unidentified object' over Alaska

2-11-2023 | 258

The mysterious object was reportedly smaller than the Chinese balloon that was shot down last week.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon's UFO office has received 'several hundred' new reports

12-17-2022 | 11

The new office was set up earlier this year to track and investigate reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

The UFO Phenomenon

Ukraine's astronomers report that they have been seeing UFOs 'everywhere'

9-14-2022 | 23

An ongoing research effort to observe and document UAPs over Ukraine has reportedly turned up quite a lot of sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Canada and US to share data on UFOs and nuclear security

6-18-2022 | 26

The move aims to mitigate any potential threat posed by UAPs to nuclear facilities across the continent.

The UFO Phenomenon

British astronaut speaks out about UAPs

6-13-2022 | 15

Col Tim Peake, who previously spent time aboard the space station, discussed UAPs during a recent TV interview.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Army helicopter footage of 3 UAPs has been released

 VIDEO  5-30-2022 | 17

Genuine footage recorded by the pilots of a US Army helicopter shows three unidentified, fast-moving objects.

The UFO Phenomenon

US warship was stalked by 'balls of light' in 2021

4-5-2022 | 23

A previously unreported US Navy encounter with UAPs has been revealed by a former marines officer.

The UFO Phenomenon

Group set to hunt USS Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFOs

10-28-2019 | 73

A team of military veterans, scientists and entrepreneurs are aiming to track down 'unidentified aerial phenomena.'

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