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The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs filmed over Vatican by guards

6-11-2010 | 17

On June 7th three security guards filmed a strange formation of lights over the Vatican using a cell phone.

Archaeology & History

Vatican's secret archives revealed

1-4-2010 | 30

An extensive collection of 105 letters and documents from the Vatican's secret archives have been published for the first time.


Vatican researcher in Turin Shroud claim

11-22-2009 | 5

The ever present debate over the authenticity of the Turin Shroud has been rekindled after a Vatican researcher has clai...


Vatican considers alien life

11-12-2009 | 27

The Vatican's top astronomer has commented on the possibility of extraterrestrial life following a week long astrobiolog...

Space & Astronomy

Did Vatican suppress 'Galileo Cryptogram'?

7-12-2009 | 7

It has been suggested that Galileo Galilei may have discovered the planet Neptune 234 years earlier than previously thou...

Science & Technology

Angels and Demons anti-matter bombs - for real ?

5-18-2009 | 5

With the recent release of the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, the concept of an anti-matter bomb whi...


Knights Templar hid the Turin Shroud

4-8-2009 | 26

The Shroud of Turin's missing years appear to have been accounted for, the Vatican has claimed that the Knights Templar ...


Vatican to hold Darwin conference

3-4-2009 | 1

To mark the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species the Vatican are holding a five day conference on the subject...


Vatican claims evolution compatible with creationism

2-12-2009 | 34

As the day of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday arrives, the Vatican has made a startling admission that Darwin's theory o...

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