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My real, true experiences

Posted on 7-26-2017 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: Dave builds a vr4 | Location: New Zealand

OK so anyone curious about true ghost experiences would probably like this, all of the following is true with no added "drama" to make it sound better.

So I used to be interested in ghosts and stuff when I was younger as most kids are,but one day I believed I really did see something that I can't explain so I'll let you be the judge

I have had three different experiences and I will tell them in order

OK when I was about 14-15 I moved in to live with my dad after living with my mum since I was born. One night me and dad were walking from our lounge room to the study and to do so you had to go around the corner of the hallway. As I was following my dad around the bend I looked down the hallway to end where my little brothers room was and was shocked to see his door was open maybe 1\4 with the whitesh face of a small girl looking at me! I was shocked and yelled HEY! Now the weird part... My brother used to draw all the time so he stuck all his drawings on the wall near the door with one piece of tape so if you walked near them or moved the door the pics would make heaps of noise and move around. When I yelled her face disappeared and the door flew shut without making a sound or moving a single drawing. My dad asked me what happened and we went to investigate but my brother was sound asleep with nothing amiss so my dad didn't believe me.

At least 2 years past without anything else happened until I went to live with my brother when I was 17-18

I moved to Perth and slept in a house with a lot of other flatmates which I thought was pretty cool even though they said the house was haunted. Nothing happened to me and my brother so we didn't pay much attention until 1 night...

It was late and me and my older brother (about 26yrs old) were going to bed in the same room cause we wanted to save money when we started hearing the door knob wiggle, we lived in the only room on the second story so you had to climb the stairs to reach it. He called out who's there?! But no one answered. So we ignored it until about 5 mins later we heard footsteps slowly coming up the stairs... But this time my bro was pissed and he was ready so as soon as we heard the door knob jiggle again he leapt out of bed and ripped the door open...

But no one was there.. There were no footsteps heard going back down the stairs and we were a little freaked out. He said to me the doors locked so if we hear anything else just ignore it...

It happed for a while longer throughout the night until I experienced the scariest thing in my life... I heard whispering in my ear so close it was like someones lips were right next to my ear...D': but the voice.....The voice sounded like when harry potter talks to that snake in that weird language. My brother wouldn't wake up so I fell asleep with the pillow over my head crying. Thank god I have never heard that voice again.

Now the most recent story

I'm 20 now and been back at my dads house for about a year when one night I started hearing noises like something dragging across the floor, tapping, weird noises etc, but I'm pretty sure if whatever it is making those noises is bad or evil it wanted me to be scared to feed off it. So I was brave didn't get scared and finally fell asleep after a long time of these noises...

Which in some ways made it worse I think. It started happing during the day at home, tapping noises etc, even turning electrical things on and off but only when i was alone, never when my family was around.

After 2 days of this I made a reddit ACCC to get some advice cause I was getting worried wat could happen next.. But I managed to stop whatever was making those sounds...

On day 3 of the noises etc I was having a bath when the noises started so I said aloud "**** off" and "leave me alone!"

To my amazement it did! It hasn't happened since which was about 6 months ago..

I hope u enjoyed my story:)

But listen if anyone is readind this cause they want to see a ghost or experience the supernatural just DON'T. It may sound cool or interesting but it isn't something u can control once it starts and its not fun and games when it starts to invade your personal life. Reading stories or watching videos is fine but don't do anything dum cause you may find yourself unable to escape the experience

Lastly to all the sceptics reading this, I'm glad you don't believe me... I really am because u may be safe from ever experiencing anything like I did, but until it happens just remember to not believe everything people tell you.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by I'mConvinced on 25 August, 2017, 9:38
"I'm glad you don't believe me... I really am because u may be safe from ever experiencing anything like I did, but until it happens just remember to not believe everything people tell you." Sage advice indeed.
Comment icon #2 Posted by MissJatti on 9 September, 2017, 14:18
In the far east, they say people who do not believe, are the week ones, and are easily possessed

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