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True Ghost Stories

Mysterious Headlights

December 10, 2017 | Comment icon 3 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by John from Morgan County, Alabama.
I've had a few things happen in my life to make me take a 2nd glance, but overall, I don't believe in the paranormal beyond a personal belief in God. That being said I like this kinda thing as entertainment, but the story you're about to read is true.

I guess it was 1991 when a friend and I were going to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey at the late movie showing because we didn't have anything better to do at the time. Still love that movie (lol). Anyway, he lived out towards Massey. I picked him up and we were going to Decatur.

Nothing was going on. There was no traffic on the road either way. It was sometime after 9pm and we were just laughing and talking along the way. I recall that it got quiet. We were just listening to the radio.

I saw some headlights shining over a small hill so I dimmed my lights. They dimmed theirs as well. We went on for a bit and I wasn't thinking about it until we got to Nancyford Road in Hartselle. I asked my friend, "What kind of car did we pass back when I dimmed my lights?"

He was visibly uncomfortable. I can't recall why I felt that way, but he looked just "not right" for him. He took a breath and said, "I didn't know if you noticed or not. We didn't pass a car."
Now you might be thinking that the car turned into a driveway or a side road or any of 100 things that cars do, but that's not the case. At the time there were only a few houses on the road (I can't recall the name) and they were closer to Falkville. The rest of the road was hills and trees so close that you couldn't even get out of the road if you pulled over. There was a single bridge that was almost too small for 2 cars to pass side by side and no roads came off of it. It ran from Highway 55 in Morgan County outside of Falkville to Nancyford Road in Hartselle.

So, we turned around to backtrack. I had my headlights on bright because there was nobody else on the road. We went back and forth between 55 and Nancyford Road enough times that the police would have pulled me over if they saw me just to see what I was doing. We got to the point where we both thought was saw the lights. There was nothing and nowhere for a vehicle to go. We missed the movie that night looking for any sign of anything to explain what we saw.

I know what you might be thinking again, it could have been somebody playing a joke. We thought that as well, but if it was kids the trees on the side of the road were small and close enough together that we couldn't get between them and anybody small enough wouldn't have been out there alone in the dark.

Here's the kicker. The next day I talked to my dad about that road. He'd owned a wrecker business in the past. I asked if anybody had ever died on that road. Yes, somebody had. A car ran off that bridge and the driver died. We were close to that bridge when we saw the lights. I dimmed mine. The lights dimmed in response, but we never saw another vehicle.

Was it a ghost? I don't know. Was it a joke? I don't know. All I know is what I saw and that my friend was scared.

Anybody else got a story like this?

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Comment icon #1 Posted by dd07 5 years ago
I live on the same rarely used road that my dad lived on growing up. Him and his sister used to tell us stories like this. They said their mum (my grandmother who passed away before I was born) had seen the lights. Apparently there was an accident involving a death on the road some time in the past but I don't know the details of it. Other family members have claimed to have thought a car was approaching, never to pass one. Here in Australia we have a legend about the "ming-ming" lights which I think are supposed to be spiritual lights that appear and disappear without explanation. People seem... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by MissJatti 5 years ago
So your lights were dipped, their light were dipped. So their lights are still there, their lights never went off? The lights didn't pass you? So that means the lights is still in the distance??? Did you hear their car? So many questions in this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by jowasmus 4 years ago
@MissJatti: Sorry I took so long to reply. I'd lost the website & then my name & password here on the site, but I dimmed my head lights at the other vehicle & I thought I saw theirs dim as well, but the road has several hills & I lost sight of the car & their lights as we went over the hills. We went over more than one hill after I dimmed my lights & I just didn't think about it till I realized we never passed anybody & there were no places to turn or get off the road. Besides seeing the lights, which I assumed to be a vehicle in the distance, and see them dim their... [More]

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