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I was bitten by a ghost

May 11, 2019 | Comment icon 0 comments
Image Credit: sxc.hu
This story was submitted to the site by IzzyIyrs from Virginia .
I'm going to be up front and honest as I can be because lying won't help any of our cases. Surrounding my situation is a series of neurological illnesses that are questionable to whether they may have played a roll in what I experienced. But I just can't see how they can possibly have been.

I'll try to be brief but I'm straight forward and honesty. I'm not certain there's a way to explain my situation in brief.

I had a modular home placed on an old piece of properly with a historical connection to a high ranking civil war vet. The only reason I even knew anything about our property was because my husband found the foundation to an old home that was hardly recognized as a home with his metal detector while trekking though the woods beside the cleared part of our land.

Curious about what he found, I searched the town's history and learned that the old decayed remnants of the foundation he found was that of the home of a civil war vet who would provide people who were seeking a more peaceful settlement for their family to stop and have their black Smith replace the wagon horses shoes before they continued their journey. We live in Virginia.

Being a horse enthusiast myself, and finding an abundance of horse shoes where the old home foundation was set far within the woods of our property, seemed to fit about right. But the vet eventually advanced in rank and built a better house on the property in early 1900s an old farm home that we move into in 2006.

I had my first stoke in 2009 from a pituitary macroademona, had a near death experience and fascinatingly survived with very little damage.

In 2011 the earthquake in Mineral Va absolutely demolished our historical built farm house unsalvageable. We were forced to tear it down, the town used it as a controlled burn for our volunteer firemen and after we purchased and set a double wide modulated home about three hundred feet behind the second home built on the land we lived.

We built moved into our new home in nov 2011.

I saw nothing wrong with anything besides my declining health. I was suffering from post stroke syndrome. In about June of 2015, I had promised my best friend to meet her at Lake Anna where her family owned a home on a landing area in a community, to compete in our annual cat fish tournament we've entered into yearly for the last five years.

About three nights before the tournament I apologize for the lack of precision on dates, I woke up one night next to my husband and had thought one of our two children had come in to wake me to be comforted from a bad dream. I rolled over away from my husband learned up on my elbows to see which child needed comfort. The two parallel windows that faced the our old house shone a bit of moonlight through and was shocked to see a young girl between the age of 6-11 standing beside me looking at me wish a kind of sadness in her face. She was dressed in what I can only described as a pheasants child clothing. White shirt blue bibbed apron dress covering a white dress with a sheer and abundant skirt under it making it almost bell shaped.

I could see the fringe of the slip under the bottom of her dress sort of slipped a few inches lower than her attire. She had blondish hair and looked a sickly, unkempt and a bit unnourished.

I instantly felt worry for her condition, I was ready to get out of bed and call the police to get her help.I boosted myself up some more ready to question this child and as soon and I moved her eyes changed and her image became somewhat translucent. I realized she was floating about two feet from the floor. Her face grew demoniacally evil and bright light of yellow shot from her eyes.

I immediately felt fear knowing this was no child and I learned back on my arms and as I did she dove on me so fast I had no time to react. Her mouth wide open and she bit the left side of my neck! Hard!

I remember quickly shoving her and then shielding myself from another attack with my covers and I stayed as still as I could terrified. I could still feel where she had bitten me and where her hands had also grasped at my neck. After what seemed a long time of praying, I think exhausting from the huge adrenaline rush made me fall back to sleep. I dared not move for so long before though, probably hours. But no noises or movement after I hid my face under my blankets and arms.

Next morning was totally normal. I had no memory of the night incident at all. I got up, got my children dressed then and saw them to the bus, went about my daily chores. I believe this was Thursday.I'm almost certain she came on a Wednesday night around 2am-3am. But all that day, I had zero recollection of my attack or the prior night waking up at all. Thursday night, I went to bed as usual with my husband without a care in the world.
But during the night, I thought one of my sons had woken up and wandered into our room to be comforted from a bad dream, like the prior night my back to the windows, I started to turn over to see which child was at my bedside but no one was there, but all of a sudden this situation felt oddly like something I had just done recently...the prior night maybe? And for a moment I felt scared and I wasn't even certain why for a minute, and all of a sudden out of my mind I realized that I did this same exact thing last night and it all flooded back like a broken dam. I knew, I instantly knew that I wasn't dreaming now and that I definitely hadn't been dreaming last night. That happened. Before I allowed any further trauma to happen I immediately covered my head and stayed perfectly still. No noise, no movement in our room. But I never went back to sleep. All night I was awake under my covers wide eyed in terror. I couldn't believe I had been attacked the prior night and never even thought about it the next day! It took the same odd repeat of the situation for me to recall that an entity attacked me and bit me. Still, no mark on my neck though.

Friday morning when my husband woke up he found me in a pale state of utter shock. I couldn't find words, I was in a sort of shock induced trance and I was almost robotically trying to function so my children couldn't see I was not ok. My husband was worried and thought i was sick or had maybe had a second stroke so he called out. For a long time he just sat and held me while I stared into space, replaying this attack and the fear and the baffling thought that I hadn't recalled it the next day. None of it made sense. My husband has had weird things happen to him so I wasn't worried he wouldn't believe me but come on, I mean really, how much can one really believe a story such as this. I was scared to talk about it. I was scared she was somewhere and could hear me. So around noon I finally suggested we go for a walk. We got about 30 feet from the house and I completely lost my mind. Hysterical. By the time he was able to calm me we were both sitting in the dirt. I knew it would be hard to believe but I made him promise me to believe me and I assured him that not even I was creative enough to make this up. I managed to force out the details and he knew something bad had happened and asked if we should go to a hospital. Hell no, they'd lock me in a psyche ward! So he just stayed right with me all Friday. In was very disoriented over it all. Time was irrelevant and I was so inside my own thoughts struggling to make sense of it all that distant would hardly described me. I couldn't function I was having a terribly time talking I was terrified and I was to the point of literally the definition is every aspect of someone with PTSD.

It had been a few months since my best friend and I had seen one another and I think she was beginning to get annoyed with my absence. She called and reminded me she had bought our tickets for Sunday for the tournament and to show up at 6am at the dock. I wanted to cry. I didn't feel much like being part of any fun event. And when I began to try to say I maybe wouldn't make it she got upset. I told her I wasn't doing great but being sickly, that story gets old fast for friends. So I felt obliged.

I went to bed Sat night glued to my husband's side of the bed. He was patient and clearly concerned. Sleep on and off and got up at five and met my friend at the dock at 6am. She knew immediately I was not ok. I didn't know how to tell her what was wrong with me because she just doesn't believe in that kind of stuff. So I explained that i was about to tell her something absolutely true and that i knew it would be difficult for her to believe me. But I had no choice. I'm not much of a liar. So I told her nervously. And she seemed confused but in good conscience couldn't tell me that she didn't believe me since she could clearly see I was NOT ok.

We met the other three of our team and headed out. All day I tried to act like I was ok. But I think everyone knew I wasn't and at that point I knew my friend was disgusted by my state. Probably thinking I was upset with her and wouldn't admit it. It was a warmer day and we were all, sweating and I started feeling a little ill. I figured sun stroke. We got back around 3pm. And tradition was to weigh the catches and the team with the biggest catch wins the pot. We lost as usual. But it's usually just about the fun. But I was not being fun I know that. After its was also tradition that the husbands clean the catches and we all go home, clean up and return for the community fish fry. Which we did but I still wasn't feeling tops. I didnt want to make ger feel any worse than i think i had already made her so we went on to the fish fry.

And as always started in on beers. After about two I realized that my mouth seemed to only be letting out offensive things even though it's so unlike me. And I was starting to get embarrassed. And suddenly I started to feel very sick and super dizzy and hot. I went inside the neighbors house to sit on the couch and cool in the air conditioning for a while. I don't know how long I was there. Finally my friend came to find me and I must have looked pretty sick because her attitude changed from annoyed to concern fairly quickly. We tried to talk but I couldn't find certain words and wasn't making any sense, so she found my husband and made him bring me home. By the time we got home the left side of my neck felt tender, I hadn't noticed before I touched it and noticed a huge blister where the girl bit me!

I showed my husband and the area around it was raised. So he took me to the ER. They said uhhit was. Bug bite that I had a reaction to. And since I had a high temp, they kept me for 24 hour observation and planned a biopsy of the lesion.

The derm biopsied the lesion and assured me i had nothing to be concerned about and sent me home the next day with a few stitches, but by now the raised area around the lesion has stretched all the way from the lesion to my chin and the back of my neck all the way to my collar bone. And seems to be creeping up towards my hair line.

I started to realize how painful the area of raised skin felt. It was painful, even a breeze made it throb. So Monday night, I was laying on our sofa watching TV with my family when I swear I literally felt when the raised area net the back of my brain. I instantly had a headache, but only in the area that touched the swollen part. And as the night progressed, I felt like I could feel it climbing into the back of my brain. It was a very uneasy feeling. And I was SICK. By Tuesday morning it had spread to the top of my head and the pain in my head was almost unbearable. We called the hospital the said to take Tylenol and ibuprophen that the biopsy probably triggered a stress headache. I knew that's not what was happening and I vaguely remember thinking how odd it would've if I was having symptoms of meningitis. Wednesday afternoon, I couldn't cope all I could do was hold my head in pain screaming and crying for someone to help me. My mother told my husband I was being dramatic and he got pissed, packed me a bag and said that he was driving me four hours to Washington D.C. to medstar. One of the only hospitals within driving distance that knew my Neuro illness well. I knew he and I both knew something was wrong with where that thing bit me. But there was no way either of us were going to tell a Dr that story. Ever.

The trip was long and the pain was bad when we left. We were about an hour from medstar when suddenly the pain grew so strong I was losing consciousness for a few moments at a time. I was screaming. I was sure we weren't going to make it. I'm sure he thought so too. We both thought I would be dead soon. It was stress beyond words for us both.

We finally made it and he pulled up to the ER entrance and ordered immediate attention and a wheelchair. It was about 3am i believe from what he has said. They put me in an area on a bed that only separated our neighbors by sheets of fabric. The man beside us was a pain pill addict and was acting ridiculous to try and get pain meds. And then there was me, who I assume the first Dr must have assumed was pulling the same crap. I explained my illness and like always, they'd never hear if it. It a Turkish illness and very understudied in the US. He told gave me Advil and we waited for what seemed a long time. They were very busy. My husband was clearly growing upset and more concerned. Finally a nurse came in and said a he would give me morphine intravenously. I was so relieved the pain was so bad. So she pushed the syringe and I patiently waited for the pain to subside. After about twenty minutes I had my husband contact then same nurse and I asked her how long it wild take for the morphine to work. And I think she seemed a bit confused and lost for words. Just said nervously, it's a little different for everyone. And she hurried off.

By now it was shift change and around six am. And an Asian Dr came in. I was still moaning and crying and she knew about my illness. (Behets Disease) she was seriously concerned and ordered me a second dose of morphine stat.

The second helped but it still felt like my head might pop open any moment. And they admitted me into an isolation room. I was given pain meds every two hours and was still suffering like I've never known pain could feel. Still now, when I explain that type of pain, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and I can be pretty vindictive. No one I know deserves that. Day two my blood work showed a SEVERE systemic infection and they started IV antibiotics. I was also diagnosed with Lyme and rocky mounted spotted fever. But neither we're common for my symptoms. The third day my Dr insisted I get a spinal tap. And he had a student with him. I hate spinals. Had one after my stoke. Scary, painful and nerve racking. I told him prior that i was not good at spirals that they made me nervous and it was difficult for me to stay still. But he reminded me that it was vital and needed to be done. They got the needle in and the primary physician was explaining to his apprentice about every step. And said "now this will measure the pressure in the spinal cord and brain" and I swear you never want to hear a doctor say what I heard next. In sync. They said "OMG! THATS HIGH!" Immediately I wanted to know what that meant for my condition. But I could half here the primary physician whisper something along the lines of staying calm.for the sake of the patient. (We aren't deaf idiots!!)

He left the room after extracting spinal fluid and a day or so later after being doped out of my mind and yet still on pain he retired to tell me I was having severe meningitis and that although it wasn't bacterial they couldn't say it was viral either. In short. They didn't have a clue why I had menigitis. Only knew I wasn't contagious OR responding to antibiotics.

I was there three weeks total. The last two days the pain was almost controlled but still hurt. They ran a line from the main vein in my right arm to my heart installing a systemic pic line of antibiotics and sent me home with three extra months of home care visits and two other antibiotics to take orally. Finally after nearly 3-4 months I was "cured" but the severe damage and the SECOND stroke I endured while I had the meningitis left me with lasting problems and disabled. My husband and my best friend know exactly how I got sick. That demonic creature nearly killed me. And since it happened I've developed a severe paranormal phobia. I can't even listen to ghost stories, or watch movies that exhibit any kind of paranormal activity even slightly. I'm scared all the time that it'll eventually come back and kill me. We since have moved. But I'll never be ok. And my husband and best friend are also traumatized in their own way from it

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