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My enlightenment

May 12, 2019 | Comment icon 8 comments

Image Credit: DoD
This story was submitted to the site by FF8F3ENCJP from Sacramento, California.
In California as a child in 1967 I had my first UFO experience that had a "profound" effect on me and has all my life. Ten Thousand people reported the anomaly in the Sacramento skies that summer.

The incident, apropos, happened at Malmstrom Airforce Base in Montana approximately a few days later. The information was exactly the same as the sightings in Sacramento except the codes on the nuclear weapons were compromised. There were orange-peach colored Orbs, "THREE", that were sighted.

This has always haunted me and at the time I felt I knew what they were and what they were doing that night. I became an aviator because of this experience and served in the U.S. Navy until retirement. I can't share the things I saw in the U.S. Navy because it is classified.
We are in communication with extraterrestrial beings and have been for some time and "Valiant Thor" is a fact and not a psychotic episode in our history. We are far more advanced than society knows!

The truth to this will come out very soon now and we should all know that there is benevolence and malevolence that face us in the future.

I don't try to articulate that I am an "alien" because I truly don't know the answer. I am AB- blood factor and have found out much about what we "SAY" we know about this anomaly in human lineage. I think we are on the verge of finding ultimate answers on this and other truly confusing history in our past.

"My prayers are with us all" now and in the future.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Original Trust 4 years ago
Sir my heart is beating a little fast as I type this. I just submitted my story here . It is the story of when I was 4 years old in 1967 in Sacramento Calif. I explained that there were beings in my room up by the ceiling. I remember floating out of my house to a bright light. I REMEMBER SCREAMING and then being back in my bed . Like you this has haunted me for over 50 years and I NEVER THOUGHT ANYONE WOULD BELIVE ME but . Im reading here and two stories into it is your story. I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOME PEACE.  You dont forget something like  this . It changes your life.  I wanted ... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by joc 4 years ago
Seems to me there is somewhat of a disconnect between statements above emboldened. The author cannot share things...but has no problem telling us, We are in communication with ET.    How can anyone take that seriously?  And why should anyone take seriously the 53 year old memory of a 4 year old?
Comment icon #3 Posted by Jujo-jo 4 years ago
I think its awsome! Who cares if they have proof, I'm glad to see people talking about it! Who is anyone here to discredit the claims. Who cares if anyone takes it seriously or not : )
Comment icon #4 Posted by joc 4 years ago
I don't.  I don't care if you don't take it seriously or if you take it seriously.  Ask  yourself the same question...why do you care if I offer a speculative honest answer to something that is presented as though it needs to be taken seriously?   I discredit the claims for very good reasons.  And if I discredit the claims what is that to anyone?  Why do you care if I discredit the claims?  You think it is awesome...fine with me.  I think it is a crock...obviously not fine with you...but that's okay...your opinion is as valid as anyone elses...including my own.
Comment icon #5 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
Comment icon #6 Posted by Jujo-jo 4 years ago
I didnt say I took it seriously, I have no opinion one way or the other. It's fun to here about personal claims, right, wrong, delusional or fact.
Comment icon #7 Posted by joc 4 years ago
Comment icon #8 Posted by joc 4 years ago
Hey! I resemble that!   

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