Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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The babysitter

Posted on 2-8-2020 | Comment icon 23 comments

By: Ksmi | Location: ON

Image Credit: sxc.hu
So I got hired for this babysitting gig a few years back, to watch two boys (1 and 3). I found this family online and they hired me on the spot as a stranger and started me watching them on date nights where I'd put them to bed and wait for the parents to get home then leave.

The mom told me how thankful she was to find a sitter that didn't make her 3yr old angry and act out. He was an angel for me, stuck like Velcro. It's a two level home front door then walk through kitchen to a couple stairs going to the lower level with a tv lounge.

About an hour after I put both kids to bed I'm sitting down there alone watching tv on social media just relaxing when suddenly I hear a bang so loud I swear I thought a car drove through the front of the house. Instantly I run up the stairs and go to the kitchen where the noise came from and the front door (which I 100% locked) was wide open. There was a mirror door closet behind the front door that would have shattered if the door was kicked in.
Scared someone was in the house I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ran to the kids rooms, only to find them both in bed fast asleep same way I left them, I turned all the lights on and checked all closets and even the crawl space and didn't find anyone. Went outside and made sure no one was out there and nothing. Checked for damage and nothing. The noise was so loud it makes no sense where it came from, not even the sound of a roof caving in could explain the sheer volume and depth of the bang.

When the parents came home I asked if they had came home and ran inside or had neighbors with a key or anything and it's almost like they knew something weird happened cause when I still scared tried explaining what happened the mom just looks at me and says oh you met our ghost. Saying weird things happen all the time. Even asked me if the 3yr old made me put a blanket over his bedroom mirror and I said no and she was surprised saying when weird things starts happening he usually cries saying the lady keeps looking at me and refuses to sleep without the mirror covered.

They proceeded to actually beg me to come back and stay the babysitter saying I'm the first to not call them or freak out saying the ghost is friendly and they've never had a sitter both kids are comfortable with.

So I did for a while but it was mostly day or mid evening not late like that one night. Till they moved recently.

Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by ksmii on 14 February, 2020, 7:46
In the gta† (Canada ontario)
Comment icon #15 Posted by ksmii on 14 February, 2020, 8:33
I mainly shared my story to see if anyone has had anything similar happen ? To this day I find myself laying in bed thinking about that night often trying to piece some logic into how it could have happened but nothing comes to mind and it bugs me way more then it should. I've gone over every possible scenario in my head and absolutely nothing comes close, everyone I talk to about it just chalks it off as paranormal **** but the literal volume of the crashing bang wouldn't even compare to the sound of a tank dropping on the front of the house, I don't even know what to compare it to it's so un... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by ksmii on 14 February, 2020, 8:39
And I also found it weird that the couple hired me on the spot, especially now that I am a mom, i would never trust a stranger, **** I'm having a hard time accepting my son needs to go into daycare soon.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Mystify on 14 February, 2020, 16:04
I know it well. I'm 5 hours away. Wonder if they have a history of the address online?† Have you ever done a search for news on the address?
Comment icon #18 Posted by Lioness23 on 16 February, 2020, 22:34
For something to make that much of an impact, I'm inclined to believe it is not a " friendly" entity . The parents should definitely consult a cleanser especially if that 3 year old is terrified.† Just saying.
Comment icon #19 Posted by openozy on 16 February, 2020, 23:27
I really don't think it was a ghost with a three year old that terrified,more likely something evil in the home.With the parents disregard for their kids safety I'm inclined to believe the parents themselves(one or both) may be the source of the horror in the home.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Rollo on 30 March, 2020, 13:43
Could have been a micro bust. Had it happen once in my back yard.†it blew the bbq into the neighboring yard. Scared the hell out of us. It sounded like a bomb went off. Not saying they donít have a ghost, itís just a probability. I was living in Markham at the time
Comment icon #21 Posted by jbondo on 5 May, 2020, 17:33
Guess this is old thread day for me. Here's the thing: The OP keeps describing the sound as if it's not even possible. However, that's her interpretation of it. Someone else might think the sound wasn't all that imposing. Everyone is different and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone did open the door with intent to rob the house. Realized that it wasn't empty and took off. As for the parents hiring you on the spot: I come from a small rural town where everyone knows everyone else. If you don't know someone, you probably know their sister, or mother, uncle, etc...So, hiring a babys... [More]
Comment icon #22 Posted by TashaMarie on 25 May, 2020, 16:06
I don't know what to say about the door but could the noise have been a sonic boom?
Comment icon #23 Posted by Gilbert Syndrome on 1 June, 2020, 13:00
I'm not trying to be funny or anything, but why're you writing about a supposedly true account in a fictitious manner? Why give it a sensational name such as "the Babysitter?" Are you working on a short story?†

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