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Stranger at night

March 3, 2020 | Comment icon 5 comments
Image Credit: YouTube / Mike Pike
This story was submitted to the site by Shaye from Merritt Island, FL, U.S..
We've lived in this house for a little over a year now. All of us have experienced multiple different things. But one thing in particular that only seems to happen to me, is one that continues to freak me out and happens almost every night.

My husband is a very hard sleeper and never moves around. Nothing ever wakes him up. I on the other hand am a restless sleeper and wake up frequently.

Almost every night, sometimes even during the day, whether I'm alone in the house or not, when I lay in my bed whether it's to sleep or just relax a bit, after awhile I'll randomly feel someone sit down on the end of the bed, or feel someone climbing up onto the bed as if to lay next to me.
Sometimes if I'm trying to sleep I'll sit up thinking it's my husband or one of our kids but when I look, no ones there. Yet I legitimately felt someone on the bed. Few times I even felt someone touching my leg or arm, like someone's hand on me. Again, I'd think it's just my husband but when I look, hes either passed out not even facing me or I'm in bed alone. Once it even felt like someone was pulling on my blanket.

Other things have occurred in this house that have freaked out my kids, my brother or even my husband. Keep in mind my husband does NOT believe in any of this stuff. So I was in shock when HE told me he experienced something that freaked him out, so much in fact he said he wants me to have someone cleanse and bless the house.

I personally don't feel like its anything harmful. More playful. Innocent. So I haven't had the house cleaned yet. I would however like to know who or what it is.

Comments (5)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 4 years ago
Shaye, you end with 'I would however like to know who or what it is'. The only way you might get an answer would be to bring someone with psychic insight to your location. We certainly can't know from just our logical thinking but I can say after years of reading about this stuff what you describe may be rare but I would say 'not all that rare' either.
Comment icon #2 Posted by moonman 4 years ago
Sounds like some kind of nervous/sleep disorder. Anytime someone says something like "every time I do this, this happens" is a red flag for that kind of stuff.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Just do what will make everyone feel better, have the house cleansed and blessed.
Comment icon #4 Posted by LadyPhoenix 1 year ago
As far as what it is, "uninvited" seems to fit, so I'd recommend ousting it.  I don't know your beliefs, but from a Christian perspective, I know what I'd so.  Simply order it away, in the name of Jesus.  No "experts" should be needed, and no cost should be involved.  It's obviously disturbing, which would seem to indicate "not good". 
Comment icon #5 Posted by joc 1 year ago
You wake up frequently.  You feel someone sitting by you.  You have a problem.  Not your husband. You.   In the name of Jesus?  Please!  There are no devils, there are no angels, there are only mental issues with some people. You don't need to bless the house.  You have a problem. Deal with it.

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