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Orb of light in room

May 9, 2020 | Comment icon 36 comments

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 JJ Harrison
This story was submitted to the site by ROOSTERX from USA/Texas/Waco.
I've never mentioned this story to anyone. I am not a supernatural weirdo, but just wanted to find out if anyone had also ever experienced anything like this. When I was around 10 y/o in 1972, I was laying in my bed in total darkness. (Middle room of the house with no ability for headlights or any other such outside lights or effects.)

A ball (sphere) of white light, about the size of a Softball simply 'zapped' and appeared over the foot of my bed into the middle of the room. It was NOT a reflection of any sort. It was an ORB of white light hovering in the middle of the room. I was terrified. It sat hovering for a few seconds, then darted over to the wall at the end of my bed and 'splatted'.
It then went straight up on the wall into vertical (like a line), then came back down and went completely horizontal, then retracted again, zapped back into the middle of the room and became a sphere/ball again of the same size, then simply flew up nearly to the ceiling and vanished. I was almost paralyzed with fear as a kid and went running into my Mom's bedroom to tell her about it.

Of course, she did not believe me and said I was just having a bad dream, but I begged her to come into my room and lay with me. She did. Guess what? It came back while she was in bed with me and she almost had a nervous break down. It did the same thing as she also watched it. She's gone now, but as long as she was alive she and I talked about that fearful time, wondering what that was. It was not 'natural.'

Comments (36)

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Comment icon #27 Posted by XenoFish 3 years ago Makes me wonder if this might explain orbs a tiny bit.† Considering how noisy the world is. I'm not sure infrasound which can induce paranormal sightings and ultrasonic are similar though.†
Comment icon #28 Posted by Pink sand 3 years ago
I have seen it also. Once when I opened the door to check my twins sleeping in the early evening. The ball, size golfball, glowing darg yellow, was flowing on the sides of my twins beds. Just as I thought :what is this, it closed itself away, it's like an open eye who close. † Another Time I saw 3.they disappeared very quickly when I discovered them. Had no Handy to make a picture, it was about 3 o'clock in the morning...† There is a video on YouTube, which shows a lightning ball visiting a child sleeping,, filmed by the child's parents. That is like my experience.† †
Comment icon #29 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I completely get that. In my opinion rare phenomena involving lights just doesn't make sense though. What could they have been? I mean, they were in a room floating and then just faded away. Is there scientific proof that orbs are real or a name as to what they could have been? I agree it certainly†doesn't guarantee††it was something paranormal but rare phenomena is just an empty word to me,it means nothing. You know what I mean? Also I admit that labelling them as†"something supernatural" is just a claim too because ill never know†
Comment icon #30 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
Ive seen videos with them in but they can always be explained by a trick of the camera or sunlight etc. After researching online it seems that seeing them with the naked eye is very rare. If you read my previous post I had an experience with an ex girlfriend many years ago and†we saw them one evening at her place. Its a shame it wasn't the days of everyone having an iPhone e because I could've tried to catch them on camera†
Comment icon #31 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
Its pretty late here in the UK so I'm finding it difficult to understand that wikipedia article††ill check it out tomorrow. Kind of understand what you mean,i think lol
Comment icon #32 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
tell me what else you've seen then lol and excuse me for the multiple posts in here can I multi quote?†
Comment icon #33 Posted by XenoFish 3 years ago
Evocation in a graveyard on halloween night. Saw a slenderman type entity (before I knew who slenderman was) a phantom dog and cat.††
Comment icon #34 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
I have to disagree with you there, you're most definitely shooting down claims when you claim somebody is trying to feel special. Maybe you like to feel special so you†brush away what people claim to have seen because it makes you feel good about yourself in some way? I know im wasting my time with mine and yours debate because number 1 your mind is made up on this whole topic and also I know what I saw so I have nothing to prove to you But anyways I'm not saying you're a bad person,if only you was in the room that nite then you'd believe what im telling you. Its all good†
Comment icon #35 Posted by Funkadelic 3 years ago
Awesome. Kind†of scaring me now† what the hell is a slenderman? Ill google it. †
Comment icon #36 Posted by meryt-tetisheri 3 years ago
About 10 years ago I saw a ball lightening in my house. It was at night, during a terrible thunder storm, I entered the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea and there at the top of the French window to the garden was a bluish white fuzzy orb, the size of a soccer ball, suspended in mid air.† I hurried in slow motion out of the kitchen and closed the door behind me !! I have no idea how long that took, I was petrified.† The area of the garden behind the French window is covered with gravel and as the house was previously struck by lightening, I am almost sure it was ball lightening.. it didn't leave... [More]

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