Monday, January 27, 2020
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Trekkers offered cave tours in Klingon

Posted on Wednesday, 28 July, 2010 | Comment icon 17 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Brett Weinstein

A cave system near Sydney is going to be the first in the world to offer tours spoken in Klingon.

Near the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in Australia the Jenolan Caves have the same names as a starship in Star Trek: The Next Generation, two Klingon scholars have recorded the tour ready to begin next month.

"The Jenolan Caves near the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is about to become possibly the first tourist attraction in the world to launch tours in the fictional Star Trek language of Klingon."

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 Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by mutationman on 28 July, 2010, 20:16
I've always wondered if it is easy to pick up chicks at Star Trek conventions. Are there any chicks at a Star Trek conventions?
Comment icon #9 Posted by trancelikestate on 28 July, 2010, 21:34
I find it amazing that historically important languages like latin have nearly died out yet a full understanding of klingon is on the rise
Comment icon #10 Posted by JCon on 28 July, 2010, 22:12
This is still minor compared to or to name a few websites out there. I went to the temple of the jedi order website for a good laugh, but I was surprised... they don't actually seem to be trying to get people to believe in anything supernatural, but rather just to commit to being a good person... It's actually kind'a cool... would've been cooler if they had light sabers though!
Comment icon #11 Posted by SV-001 on 29 July, 2010, 1:11
buy' ngop!
Comment icon #12 Posted by psyche101 on 29 July, 2010, 1:47
I honestly wonder how it will go. I don't know a single person that would attend. I am a long way from Sydney, let alone Jenolan though. Seen the caves when young, pretty impressive.
Comment icon #13 Posted by The Silver Thong on 29 July, 2010, 1:48
There better be some blood wine and waiters walking around with some fresh Gagh as if it's dead I will have to bring out my bat'leth and call someone an honourless targ To funny.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Paracelse on 29 July, 2010, 7:35
I find it amazing that historically important languages like latin have nearly died out yet a full understanding of klingon is on the rise Not too mention Esperanto.. who was to unite all nations under one language
Comment icon #15 Posted by pixiii on 30 July, 2010, 8:15
I don't know a single person that would attend. Me either. Surely, there are caves in the US they could've used for this! Are there any chicks at a Star Trek conventions? You betcha....
Comment icon #16 Posted by Wearer of Hats on 1 August, 2010, 6:08
Right ... I know where the 501st is having their annual picnic....
Comment icon #17 Posted by Gatofeo on 2 August, 2010, 0:17
Can't get people interested in Latin and ancient Greek, but they'll study Klingon? A pathetic comment on the ignorance of the last few generations. Reminds me of the alternate juror in the O.J. Simpson case years ago, who wore a Star Trek uniform each day of the trial. If I were on trial for my life, as O.J. was at the time, I'd be yelling bloody murder over the courts' decision to retain her. Um ... okay ... mebbe "bloody murder" was a poor choice of words in this example ...

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