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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Image credit: Paul Dale Roberts

The monster on top of the utility box

Posted on Tuesday, 17 January, 2012 | 0 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

On December 5, 2011, I received a call from Jinicah Thompson. Code 096. Jinicah tells me that while driving his big rig (called Rolling Thunder) on Hwy 40 in New Mexico he came across a coyote in the middle of the road. He tried to serve to avoid hitting it, but went right through the coyote as if it was air. There was no sound of impact. He pulled 'Rolling Thunder' over and discovered no marks of impact, no skin, hair or blood on his bumpers. Jinicah continued on his way and he comes across the same coyote in the middle of the road. The coyote looks up at him while he is driving his big rig and leaps towards the driver's window and completely vanishes in front of Jinicah's eyes. Jinicah's question to me: "What do you think that was? Was that some kind of demon or can animals be ghosts?" Paul's answer: "Well, Jinicah, all living things have an energy aura and when a living thing dies, that aura has to go some where. Aura is energy, it can be altered, but not destroyed. That aura is most likely what we see as a ghost or we know it as a soul. Yes, coyotes can be ghosts. Jinicah, you reminded me of a song, a song about my most favorite coyote. Wile E. Coyote, hear the Roadrunner Cartoon theme song here:

Excuse me, I had too much fun with that call, now let's get down to business. Let's talk about the investigation in hand:

CLOSED: Dec 17, Saturday 9pm: Location to be at: Pompei - Citrus Heights, CA Activity/Message from Occupant: Hello Paul, my name is Tonia I’m Tiffany Gonzales sister-in-law. I think she may have called you yesterday. I’m having something going on in my house, it seems to be going after my 17 year old son. We hear children saying mommy, we wake up with bruising on our bodies, they look like finger marks. Door opens and knocking is heard on the windows. The ghost children play with my daughter and are not threatening in anyway. My concern is the ‘thing’ that is stalking my son. I have seen him myself, he is very large and has catlike red eyes. The ‘thing’ talks deep with a growl. He’s not in the house, but he’s outside tapping on windows. He climbs on top of the utility box in my yard. It’s bothering my son so bad that he’s missing school, and loses his temper for no apparent reason. Please call or email back. I just want to know what’s going on here. Thank you.

HPI Special Agents Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI General Manager; Jesse Peevyhouse/Technician, Jennifer Newell/Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator, Kareen Peevyhouse/Catholic Blesser-in-Training/Senior Lead Investigator, Regina Tellez/Technician/Senior Lead Investigator, Tiffany Ensign Gonzales - Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator; Deanna Bailey, Ann Olson-Dupire/Senior Lead Investigator/Spanish Interpreter; John Shue/HPI Videographer. Lead: Senior Lead Investigator/Voodoo - Santeria Specialist Nidia Omeshl. Nidia arrives at my home at 2pm to ride to Debbie Lee's X-Mas Party where we encounter Sally Howard, Donna Pepper-Falero. After the party we head back to my home. Riding with me to the investigation are: Nidia, Regina Tellez and Ann Olson-Dupire. Code 2221

I broke the teams up into two teams. Team She-ra – Ann is the lead. Her team mates are: Deanna and Jesse. Team Dallas – Regina is the lead. Her team mates are Kareen and Tiffany. All team members are equipped with digital audio recorders, walkie talkies, night vision goggles, binoculars, K2 meters, EMF Readers, video cameras, digital cameras. Floaters are John Shue, Jennifer Newell and Nidia.

Team Dallas is covering the bedrooms. Team She-ra is covering the living room, dining room and the front yard.

During our initial briefing, I was amazed at some of the revelations that Nidia came up with. The occupants actually confirmed the accuracy of what Nidia picked up on. I will let Nidia explain what she discovered in her own words:

“I saw a month prior to our arrival, the wife coming from the garage into the dining/bar area with a basic or laundry related items. As she passed the kitchen, I saw her react to sharp stabbing pains in her back. It was sudden and quick; she cried out and grumbled about it; and kept moving.

I also saw the ghost children. Junior aged 6-8, Sarah aged 5-6 and Abbey under 2 years old. The children are afraid of the shower when it comes on. The wife confirmed that it makes a really loud noise when turned on. The children were drowned to death. Junior is very protective of the girls. Sarah loves to sing and the male teenager named Chris has heard them. Abbey is mischievous and can barely walk. They are very protective over the baby in the home. At the same time I feel a strong connection to the father, he is a major source of comfort in the home. His energy is full of light and he has a protective spirit following him. The wife is also comforting as she is a positive motherly figure they grew up with. The ‘lady’ they keep telling me about, hurt them. I see no blood tie between them, however I feel that this ‘lady’ was pregnant at the time of their death and played a major mother type role in their lives. I feel Junior is ready to move on and feels there is more on the other side. Sarah is scared and will not move. Abbey will go wherever Junior pulls or carries her. Junior refuses to leave with out them either way. I do not believe these children will ever hurt anyone in this house deliberately.

I felt intense sorrow emulating from this home before I arrived. I saw the loss of a child and asked Paul if he knew of any death that may have occurred. The wife was able to confirm this. There is an item in the home I can feel the child’s energy on. This child was never to exist in this world, the carry and birth was only a pathway to the next.

I see pain on the mother’s side/stomach area. She confirmed this. I also see headaches, behind the eye, there is pain and lack of appetite, nausea. She confirmed these illnesses as well.”

Special Note: Junior was not his name, but a name given to him by his father. His father rode a horse and ran a farm. The land that Junior is on is formerly his father’s farmland. Junior feels his father is on the other side waiting for him, according to Nidia.

Paul: Thank you Nidia. Nidia is a great resource for this investigation, she has lived and breathed Voodoo via her grandmother that may have been a Voodoo Princess / Voodoo Priestess.

Team She-Ra may have captured a few EVPs. One EVP is of a male voice. EVP of the door clicking. EVP of a tap tap sound. While I was outside with Jesse, Jesse saw with the night vision goggles an anomaly crossing the roof. I saw an anomaly crossing the roof with my camera’s viewfinder during the same time. I took a picture and a huge orb is sitting on the roof, the second picture there is no orb on the roof. Jennifer saw a white figure move across the window. The white figure had no male or female shape. Note: Ann is speaking Spanish to the entity that torments Miguel (the 17 year old boy occupant), because Nidia is picking up on a Hispanic man that is tall, with a beard that torments Miguel. Another EVP was captured of a possible moan. Team Dallas smelled Lilac, this was debunked as a lotion that was found in the bedroom. Another possible EVP of a sigh was captured. Kareen and Miguel saw a shadowy figure move in the bedroom. There has been some K2 fluxuations throughout the house. Burning smell or the smell of burned eggs was smelled by some of the investigators. Another investigator heard a wind-in-tunnel sound through his phone. All of the EVPs that we captured are inconclusive, until we can analysis them further. Team Dallas has been utilizing a ball to see if it will move on its own accord. There was no success in this experiment.

Walkie Talkies are going off on their own, no disembodied voices have been heard through the walkie talkies yet. In the 3rd session, we are going to place the walkie talkies through out the house and try to communicate to the entities via the walkie talkies. I have actually been successful with communicating with entities via walkie talkies in past investigations. Dark shadow over ceiling photo taken. This is an anomaly, because with the flash projecting out, there should be no shadows. 2nd and 3rd photo of same area taken and the photos were normal. New batteries lose life as soon as they are placed into equipment was experienced. Some investigators had personal experiences of being touched or rubbed on. Special Note: Tonia (the occupant) had 2 Ouija Boards, I will properly dispose of them tonight.

Grid lights, toys utilized. There was at times sounds of moaning, children’s laughter heard by the investigators. No toys moved and possibly small movement was seen in the grid light.

After I conducted the Catholic blessing of the house, the occupants detected that the atmosphere of the home was lighter, so hopefully the blessing worked. Kareen walked with me throughout the house, furthering her knowledge on how to conduct a proper blessing.

With the strange light anomaly gliding across the roof of the house, that Jesse and I saw via the night vision goggles and camera view finder, shows validation by two witnesses of something strange going on with the roof of this home. The occupants have heard solid footsteps on the roof and it was odd on when Jesse and I was observing this phenomenon, I capture a large orb sitting on the roof. Most of the evidence has to be further analyzed, but it appears we have captured some odd EVPs. Do I think this home is haunted? My answer is ‘yes’ and I am looking forward to the results of our evidence analysis.

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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