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  Columnist: Doc Edwards

Image credit: Susan Sterner

Review: A.D After Disclosure

Posted on Thursday, 21 June, 2012 | 7 comments
Columnist: Doc Edwards

There's an old axiom that claims "you can't tell a book by it's cover," which seems only to prove that Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel, the two authors of the recently released and thoroughly researched volume entitled, A.D. , After Disclosure, thankfully know little about old axioms; because if I were buying a book based on its cover-design alone, this mind-engrossing opus, generated out of the current UFO-2012-DOOMSDAY OR BUST phenomena, literally would have jumped into my Amazon shopping cart of its own accord --- especially with its promise laden sub-title, When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact.

Here, in this mildly unsettling book about how our greatest human societal endeavors and institutions, from Wall Street to the Vatican and all major bedrocks of civilization in-between, will begin to either in-fold, unfold, or expand when governmental disclosure becomes an irrevocable, world wide reality, is a non-fiction work that puts the UFO phenomenon on the front line of current world events. Of course, as the authors so aptly point out, the ultimate fate and outcome of what happens to these cornerstones of our familiar world structures depends primarily on the amount of preparedness each institution has made for the monumental events that will surely follow in the wake of, what could only be called, the greatest tsunami looking event in all of human history. Considering the growing and imminent likelihood for this day of final reckoning for officialdom's powers that be to actually happen, one thing becomes uneasily apparent: nothing will remain static , status quo, or ever be the same after that apocalyptic day. For on that day when the governments of the world finally are backed against a wall of such overwhelming evidence as to have no other options or alternatives but to fess up, as it were, causing even ancient Atlas himself, in the face of such a revelation , to shrug just enough so as to change the spin of the world for ever after.

Whether this inevitable day of admission arises out of an single event or mass sighting of such a magnitude of witnessed proportion and numbers as to be unequivocally impossible to cover up or deny, nevertheless, the governments of the world will have no other choices or escapable options but to admit that the UFO phenomena is real. The really big question is how will they respond? This uncanny book gives some unique possible scenarios to address and answer that question.

If you're like me and don't normally read or subscribe to conspiratorial literature, then you're in for a double surprise: not only does this book read like real red hot copy right off the CNN website, but it's as well written, documented, and corroborated as a college textbook. However, any similarities to the dusty shelves of academia end there, for this still warm from the press publication will keep you flipping pages, as it did me, until late in the night --- more in the spirit and suspense of a James Patterson novel than anything I've read before in the UFO genre.

Here, in this unusual treatise, craftily spun and factually supported (so unlike so many other of the less than literarily inspired offerings from the UFO field), you can forget the all too common, overly wrought and sensationalized prose that sometimes seems to stick like tar to the pages of many of these books dealing with the UFOs and other things that go whirr in the night. Far too often books about such other-worldly subjects wax into trekkie filled clichés and genre generated verbosities, leaving one in a muddle of incomprehensibility, unless, of course, you happen to also speak the language; while the rest of us are sometimes left to wend our way through the verbiage, that more often than not, reads as redundant and boring as looking at the tread marks on a set of Dunlop tires. Not so with this remarkable book, for from the first page to the last, this timely and prophetic sounding material grabs even the most sophisticated literary attention span, with each chapter reading like a real dossier that might actually have just been lifted from the files of a N.S.A. situation room.

The predictions in this book will awaken even the most docile mind, rousing the imagination to a mixture of both awe and apprehension, making you feel as if you were indeed privy to some, special, secreted government information link. Looking at the documented details, accumulated facts, and projected possible future case scenarios --- both worse case and best --- makes me wonder if, in fact, Dolan and Zabel did not possibly have some sort of access to the "unlabeled, covert files" of a rogue CIA think tank --- or at least some sort of other "higher connection." than most authors might otherwise have. I mean, there's simply no way that this detail-laden volume is the work of two overwrought imaginations; there are simply too many obscure, little tidbits of real knowledge-based information here for this to be an entirely speculative offering. The stuff in this book has more the ring of real truth than the gong of any sort of merely fanciful and postulating mind. What I'm talking about here is nothing less than a veritable feast of reality supported future possibilities, based on the growing, overwhelming evidence of current events --- though I do admit, if you're the naturally despondent type anyway, it may perhaps be a somewhat unsettling feast, leaving you with an eerie, uneasy aftertaste of impending, unavoidable change from the world we now live in. But if you're open to the possibility of a really "brave new world,"… then, boy, are you in luck!

Admittedly, all of this information requires one's mind to do a bit of overtime. And indeed, it can be a lot to mentally swallow --- at least all in one weekend read --- that is, until all the projected data cooks a bit on the old cerebral back burner, which will probably take until the following Tuesday thereafter. But be assured, Dolan and Zabel do make the whole meal pleasantly palatable, even, I'd have to say, extremely enjoyable --- that is, for a book that blows so many holes in one's comfortable and familiar world view.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give away any of the books scenario conclusions; I'll leave that explosive adventure for you to experience. But let me just say this, if you need a mind- buzz-fix or just a cozy weekend away from the mundane mediocrity of everyday normalcy, and you're willing to immerse your mind in a very probable-likely-to- unfold set of circumstances, then you best put your order in to Amazon or Barnes and Noble right away before you have to wait for a second printing, which might just be too late,… that is,… if what the book asserts is right. But anyway you look at it, it's better to know this kind of stuff while it's still under the category of "speculative history," rather than that of real current events.

Article Copyright© Doc Edwards - reproduced with permission.

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