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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Image credit: Paul Dale Roberts

Guardian of the vortex

Posted on Sunday, 10 March, 2013 | 0 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

March 1, 2013, Friday. Time: 1900 Hours. Location: Somewhere in South Sacramento. We are investigating an apartment complex that has a phantom that has the tendency of wanting to push people down the stairs.

The Occupant and HPI Paranormal Investigator Lori Renay Hennings Talks: "I have lived here going on 6 years. There has always been some kind of activity going on. I have heard foot steps pacing the hallway, shadows in my room while I was sleeping, I have been pushed down my stairs on one morning. I have heard my son talk of a little girl that he has called his sister. And my mother and a few other people have seen her though I have not. I do know that the property across the street used to be the Sacramento Men's Sanitarium. Now the property is a shopping center and that a small section has not been rebuilt, it is still just a dirt lot in the middle of the shopping center. Nothing grows there either."

Sharon Sampsel, Psychic Talks:

Before the investigation, I had renowned psychic Sharon Sampsel take a walk through and in her own words, she describes on what she picked up on: "As I went up the stairs I could feel the thickness of a presence that began on the first landing and got thicker until I got to the hallway closet. The closet is a vortex that was quite strong. The entity guards the vortex. It is a male entity and would not give a name or reason for being here. He does follow you around and will push on us to get us to leave this part of the apartment. The entity freely moves from the stairwell, bathroom and master bedroom. The child's room is noticeably lighter. The entity stays out of this room. You can actually feel the difference between the child's room and the rest of the area, especially if you straddle the doorway. In addition to the entity, there is a group of three women who live in the master bedroom. These women have been here for several years. And apparently came in with some drug activity. They are basically harmless. As we set up the investigative equipment everyone was feeling the entity. I believe that the entity becomes upset the more he is talked about. It is his intention of guarding this/his spot. And just wants all of us to leave him and leave his vortex alone." www.PsychicSharonSampsel.com

HPI Paranormal Discovery Unit Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts – HPI Owner; Becky Cardenas – Lead Investigator - Spanish Interpreter; Mark Tatum – Equipment Technician; Jon Koyasako – Security and Lead Investigator; Shari Aresta – EVP Queen and Lead Investigator; Sharon Sampsel – Psychic; Tracy Lindstrom - Photo Ops; Chris Singleton – Audio Specialist; Lori Renay Hennings, Wendy Maxam - Videographer.

Occupant and friends: Anna Quinn; Araceli Davila; Phylicia Jespersen; Lori Renay Hennings (occupant).


Lead Investigators are Becky Cardenas and Jon Koyasako. 2 areas to cover, the upstairs and the downstairs. Becky has on her team: Shari, Araceli, Lori, Tracy. Jon has on his team Mark, Anna and Phylicia. Floaters are: Chris, Sharon and Wendy. Jon's team is called Team Black Hole. Becky's team is Team Vortex Vixens.


Investigators are feeling cold spots at the stairwell. Becky Cardenas takes a photo of a strange red mist. We are capturing EVPs. One EVP says ‘yeah'. Tracy Lindstrom says on her recorder: "what is your name?" The entity says: "what is my name – grooooowlll!" Shari Aresta captures an EVP that is a man mumbling. Chris Singleton our audio specialist is dissecting the EVPs that Shari and Tracy captured. Chris says that he started feeling anxious and felt something heavy and pushing on his back and neck. Tracy while standing next to Chris, captured her EVPs and she felt cold spots. One investigator felt a cold brush of air go upstairs. Jon when going towards the vortex near the closet, felt like he was being pushed out. Investigators are getting a lot of orb photos, one designer orb that looks like it has a face in it. Jon and Mark saw moving orbs with their own eyes. We are using motion detectors, laser grids, night vision goggles, digital recorders, cameras, video cameras, temperature gauges, K2 meters, EMF readers. One recorder is stopping and pausing for no apparent reason, when the investigator steps away from the apartment, it acts normally. Some cameras are not working, then they will work again. Shari captured an EVP that says: "girls, you better take me seriously."


EVP captured: "I hate you, come here". Investigators claim that the entity mimic my dialogue. Tracy obtained an EVP with a male mumbling voice - unintelligible. EVP captured: "they are asking my name because" in a Southern drawl. More orb photos captured. Intelligent flashlight communication was obtained by Becky and Tracy. Orbs seen around the living room couch area. K2 hits in many locations of the apartment. Motion sensor in the kitchen went off when no one was walking near it.


With the EVPs, it does appear that the apartment does have paranormal activity. Male voices captured that were definitely different from any of the male voices of the investigators, even the male voice that tried to mimic my dialogue was different from my tone of voice. Orb photos are inconclusive.

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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