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New plant grows potatoes and tomatoes

Posted on Saturday, 28 September, 2013 | Comment icon 25 comments

The unusual plants have gone on sale in the UK this week. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Matt MacGillivray

The appropriately named 'TomTato' is able to produce both fruit and vegetables in one plant.

At first glance the bizarre creation might seem like a joke or prank, but remarkably the plant described as a "veg plot in a pot" is a genuine product. Now on sale in the UK, the TomTato plant can produce up to 500 tomatoes while also growing white potatoes.

Created through the use of hybridization as oppose to genetic modification, Horticultural mail order company Thompson & Morgan managed to keep the growth process as natural as possible. Director Paul Hansord claims that he first got the idea when he visited a garden in the US in which someone had planted a tomato plant over the top of a potato plant as a joke.

"The TomTato has been trialled for several years and the end result is far superior than anything I could have hoped for, trusses full of tomatoes which have a flavour that makes shop tomatoes inedible, as well as, a good hearty crop of potatoes for late in the season," he said.

A similar product known as the "Potato Tom" has also gone on sale in New Zealand.

Source: Independent | Comments (25)

Tags: TomTao, Tomato, Potato

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Lava_Lady on 28 September, 2013, 21:53
Comment icon #17 Posted by rashore on 28 September, 2013, 22:02
Holy cow lots of folks need to learn about plants.. I cut out a whole rant, but still need to say a lot of folks need to learn..
Comment icon #18 Posted by Lava_Lady on 28 September, 2013, 22:13
Aww, you should have left your rant in, otherwise how will we know what you are talking about. Seems like most of the posters here have a pretty good understanding of what grafting is. But if it's wrong I'd like to know about it. Please share.
Comment icon #19 Posted by pallidin on 28 September, 2013, 23:17
I agree. Please share your knowledge.
Comment icon #20 Posted by rashore on 29 September, 2013, 15:03
Nah, it was a useless rant, not an educational one. Mostly about how everyone should have a garden. A lot of people that start gardening end up learning a lot of information about plants. Like a couple of the joking comments here about being able to have chips and ketchup on one plant. Not all potatoes are well suited to make chips, and not all tomatoes are well suited to make ketchup.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Lava_Lady on 29 September, 2013, 16:16
Oh, ok. It was all in fun, I'm sure we aware. But, how often do we get to bust out the tomato and potato on one plant jokes. ... we get excited! I, personally, have waited a lifetime to use "frankenveggie" ! And now I've used it twice! I can retire.
Comment icon #22 Posted by rashore on 29 September, 2013, 16:54
Yeah, that's why I figured I had a useless rant- because jokes are made in good fun. But oh, the dickens of a time I have had getting together a collection of tomatoes in each color that are suitable for for a season of usage... Kind of makes me take it all to seriously. I'm probably too serious in general about food and gardening, sometimes hard not to rant in a lot of threads about it.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Sundew on 1 October, 2013, 1:42
I have done a bit of grafting, mostly just to see if it would be successful and the losses can be high. Seems like this would be very expensive on a commercial scale. By grafting the two specie's vascular systems you may also make a pathway for disease not present when the species are grown separately.
Comment icon #24 Posted by HollyDolly on 1 October, 2013, 21:01
The reason it is successful,is because both the potato and the tomato are both members if I recall correctly of the nightshade family.Since they seem to be related, the likely hood of the whole thing taking off is good.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Twisted4shr on 2 October, 2013, 4:33
Ive been waiting for somebody to start screaming that tomato's are not a fruit! Im happy to see most have a brain on their shoulders

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