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Russia to build permanent Moon base

Posted on Sunday, 13 April, 2014 | Comment icon 64 comments

Russia plans to return to the Moon in the near future. Image Credit: NASA/Dennis M. Davidson

Russia has big plans for its space program in the coming years and the Moon is its next target.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin recently spoke in detail about the country's plans to build a permanent base of operations on the lunar surface within the next two decades as part of what some see as an extension of the space race.

"The moon is not an intermediate point in the race, it is a separate, even a self-contained goal," he said. "It would hardly be rational to make some ten or twenty flights to the moon, and then wind it all up and fly to the Mars or some asteroids."

The next step will be a series of robotic missions including the Luna-25 rover in 2016 followed by the Luna-26 orbiter. A second rover is also planned after that to explore the Moon's south pole region.

Russia's most ambitious plans however center around the development of a new rocket that will be capable of carrying a manned spacecraft to the Moon. If this succeeds then the construction of a permanent base could go ahead by 2030.

"This process has the beginning, but has no end," said Rogozin. "We are going to come to the Moon forever."

Source: The Register | Comments (64)

Tags: Russia, Moon

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #55 Posted by skookum on 22 April, 2014, 10:41
Don't get me wrong I hope they do make it. In fact I couldn't give a stuff who gets to the moon next whether it is Russia, china or anyone else. Just to this date only the US has managed to achieve it. Nobody else has got close, whether through financial or technical difficulties. So much talk of projects to the moon I just hope they go ahead with it. I also don't believe for a second that Mars one project will get off Earth despite their claims of a permanent base on Mars in about 10 years.
Comment icon #56 Posted by Occams Razor on 22 April, 2014, 12:07
Factual errors... 1) I didn't mention "spaceflight" at all. 2) This:
Comment icon #57 Posted by Occams Razor on 22 April, 2014, 12:12
It will never happen... they'll string people along and squeeze as much money out of it as they can for as long as they can.
Comment icon #58 Posted by Occams Razor on 22 April, 2014, 12:18
"Get in on the ground floor" certainly, get a monopoly on supply is again certainly sound business sense. I think the 'lunar base race' will start in earnest as soon as one of the superpowers is seen to be making a tangible effort towards it. None of them can afford to let anyone have a monopoly.
Comment icon #59 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 22 April, 2014, 13:14
Mining on the moon is not spaceflight ? Then how do you get there ? Well i have other sources: (page 6) Your source indicate a 70 part per million abundance, which is quite a long way from the highest number in my source, which is 15 part per billion. The numbers in your source match up pretty good with the abundance of Helium-4 on the moon, but that is not useful for fusion power generation. If you look closely you will see that the last source actually comes from Russia, quite significant for this thread isn't it ? Anyway i am all in favour of fusion energy, so i look forw... [More]
Comment icon #60 Posted by Occams Razor on 22 April, 2014, 16:12
[/size] I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Comment icon #61 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 22 April, 2014, 16:55
Comment icon #62 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf on 4 May, 2014, 13:35
[B]**Thread cleaned** smokeycat, Hawkin, debate and disagreement are fine, childish name calling and petty bickering belong in a school play ground, not here. Thank you.
Comment icon #63 Posted by smokeycat on 4 May, 2014, 14:13
Fair enough.
Comment icon #64 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf on 8 May, 2014, 19:13
The latest on Russia's Lunar ambitions: [hr][hr] [hr][hr] A later quote in the story seems to put the final nail in the coffin for the case of this being about [sup]3[/sup]He. So no [sup]3[/sup]He mining just yet it would seem.

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