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Abductee support group set up in the UK

Posted on Friday, 25 April, 2014 | Comment icon 135 comments

Accounts of alien abduction have been reported for years. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Jason Rogers
The group aims to provide help to those who believe that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials.
Known as "The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline", or "Ammach" for short, the group is run by Joanne Summerscales who aims to give people a platform of support from which they can relay their experiences without fear of ridicule.

Despite the unusual nature of such claims there are still a surprising number of people who believe that they have, at some stage in their lives, encountered beings from another world. The traditional abduction experience usually involves a person being taken from their bed at night, subjected to medical experiments and then returned with their memories of the encounter distorted or erased.

"We aim to provide a safe platform for them to tell their stories without ridicule and fear," said Summerscales who has to date been contacted by more than 1,500 people with abduction experiences. "I do not believe everything I hear but if something strange happened to us we would want to have the ability to tell someone about it without fear."

Source: Telegraph | Comments (135)

Tags: Alien Abduction

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #126 Posted by sam_comm on 1 May, 2014, 21:56
Your have a good point here. That's why I cannot based my opinion of this phenomenon on the sole ground of hypnosis therapy. But it's important to mention that researches have proved that real memories and so real accounts can be extracted by hypnosis. Reference: ( Barnier, A. M., McConkey ) as provided in Appendix A of Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack. I must admit it seems to me far-fetched that hypnosis has significantly altered the mind of more than 800+ patients that have been studied over a decade of research, providing similar and consistant patterns,... [More]
Comment icon #127 Posted by scowl on 1 May, 2014, 22:11
And what deep investigation are you doing other than watching youtube videos in your armchair during the evenings? Gosh zoser, you forgot to link a bunch of youtube videos here. Son, have you ever seen a building or a forest catch on fire. You'll see smoke for miles. That's right, folks. Zoser doesn't know much about fire either. You are not and you never will. Well, going through recent real cases of abduction in my area, they tend to have witnesses, signs of struggle, forensic evidence such as fibers, and complete memories of the abduction if the victim surviv... [More]
Comment icon #128 Posted by scowl on 1 May, 2014, 22:17
The difference here is that we have prisons full of people who will admit to having committed similar acts and even explain why they did them. Some of them were actually caught with the stolen property and that became evidence that the act did take place and more generally that such events do happen. We have captured no aliens thus far much less evidence or confessions from them.
Comment icon #129 Posted by stereologist on 1 May, 2014, 23:52
Where is the evidence to back up these tall tales?
Comment icon #130 Posted by stereologist on 1 May, 2014, 23:53
Thus these are nothing more than tall tales.
Comment icon #131 Posted by stereologist on 1 May, 2014, 23:56
First some basic English. The word is phenomenon, not phenomena. Second, there is nothing here but tall tales. There is no evidence to suggestion this is anything more than stories. There is no digging deeper. That is just horse pucky you are flinging about.
Comment icon #132 Posted by stereologist on 2 May, 2014, 0:03
Your story about reporting a crime to the police is an excellent example of the sort of evidence that needs to be located. If you repeatedly reported a theft and after a dozen claimed robberies nothing was ever found you'd be labeled a kook. You'd be labeled a lonely person, or a delusional person, etc. But if the culprits were caught and something from you recovered you'd be vindicated. As far as these tall tales from abductees nothing has ever corroborated their tales. And their tales are not similar. The look of the aliens simply reflects the latest in films. What the aliens... [More]
Comment icon #133 Posted by stereologist on 2 May, 2014, 0:09
Sometimes real memories can be obtained by hypnosis. It's a crap shoot with the wins being mentioned and the misses being swept under the rug. As far as the regression baloney goes it is pure and simple crap without regard to the people involved. Any consistency in patterns is due to the people involved. It is cultural and dependent on the wants and desires of the phoney researchers involved. These stories of alien abductions have a pattern which reflects the cinema. The aliens come from Hollywood. They are from TV and movies. What happens to the people is based on our current technol... [More]
Comment icon #134 Posted by scowl on 2 May, 2014, 16:19
Zoser believes that this phenomenon is so special, so unique, and so beyond the comprehension of most human brains that understanding it goes beyond such mundane details as evidence or antiquated practices such as science. As I've said before, these people don't want explanations. They want a new religion to believe in. They want to believe in a universe beyond ours where supernatural creatures can do magical things. UFOs are the new "angel sightings".
Comment icon #135 Posted by zoser on 2 May, 2014, 18:36
Listening to guys like this for a start he has devoted years to an abduction case : http://www.lindacortilecase.com/ Which one do you want? Just let me know Nah. I'm talking about a real fire. DYOR Not the case in alien abductions. Paralysis tends to reduce struggle. Do ET's wear fibre garments? I don't like to keep saying it by please DYOR on the matter.

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