Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Scientists learn how to induce lucid dreaming

Posted on Wednesday, 14 May, 2014 | Comment icon 35 comments

Lucid dreaming allows a person to control their own dreams. Image Credit: Nikolai Kuznetsov
Influencing the brain through electric scalp stimulation can allow a person to control their own dreams.
Lucid dreaming occurs when a person becomes aware that they are sleeping, a state of mind that can allow them to consciously manipulate and control the plot of any dreams that they are having.

Despite a general air of skepticism surrounding the phenomenon, scientists have now determined that lucid dreaming can be externally induced on demand by applying mild electrical currents to the brain.

German researcher Dr Ursula Voss had previously discovered that lucid dreaming is a state that seems to combine aspects of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and being awake. The brains of sleepers who are experiencing lucid dreaming appear to show more "awake-like" activity than those who are not.

"Lucid dreaming is a very good tool to observe what happens in the brain and what is causally necessary for secondary consciousness," she said.

The researchers believe that the ability to invoke lucid dreaming could prove vital in their efforts to understand a variety of mental illnesses and in the treatment of nightmares and sleep disorders.

Source: The Guardian | Comments (35)

Tags: Lucid Dreaming

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #26 Posted by eaglesareskykittens on 17 May, 2014, 0:47
I want to be able to have lucid dreams, that would be awesome. It would be like having imagination that's real.
Comment icon #27 Posted by the.truth.is.out.there.x on 17 May, 2014, 23:26
If I could control my own dreams, I'd never wake up
Comment icon #28 Posted by Kasha on 18 May, 2014, 0:27
A direct method if I ever heard one! I'll try that next time and see if it works for me
Comment icon #29 Posted by stevemagegod on 18 May, 2014, 2:56
Ya i haven't had a good nightmare in a while mostly like due to me practing Lucid Dreaming and gaining control over my dream environment. And due to my Lucid Dreaming training i believe i have developed "Spiritual Awareness", while in a sleep like state. Because the last couple of nights i have had 4 different spirits visit me. Most of the time they scare the **** out of me due to me not expecting to "see" anything when i wake up. They usually come to me in my dream visions and then i just get startled because i am not actually expecting anything to be there if you kn... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by cenobite on 18 May, 2014, 19:56
i wish i could do this
Comment icon #31 Posted by Silent Trinity on 31 May, 2014, 11:54
And there was me thinking we went to bed to get some sleep and rest....can't see anyone feeling refreshed the next morning after spending the evening wired up to the national grid
Comment icon #32 Posted by Frank Merton on 31 May, 2014, 12:02
No matter how good the dream is your body will wake you up when it is time. That is something I have experimented with -- staying asleep beyond my normal sleep -- and I wake up regardless. It's like trying to hold your breath.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Leaves-from-the-Vine on 1 July, 2014, 18:44
I recall lucid dreaming, but a nightmare was more like it. I dreamed that everything was dark and there was a UFO. I got so freaked out. I tried screaming but my lips were glued shut; but when my voice finally came through, I woke up. And then I did the stupid thing and went back to sleep only to have another lucid nightmare about being chased by a puma...but, I'm willing to give it another go.
Comment icon #34 Posted by quiXilver on 28 July, 2014, 6:32
I've been lucid dreaming naturally since I was four. I've had such complex and real experiences there, I now get the sense as has been reinforced through advanced meditation and occasional trance, that one day I will become lucid in the waking state, in the same manner I become lucid in the dream state.
Comment icon #35 Posted by White Crane Feather on 5 August, 2014, 6:06
"My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement."----Meagan Ryan "Patricia" in Joe Vs the volcano.

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