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70,000 dead fish wash up in Marina del Rey

Posted on Tuesday, 20 May, 2014 | Comment icon 48 comments

The view across Marina del Rey . Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Howcheng
Authorities are attempting to explain how thousands of fish turned up dead off the Los Angeles coastline.
The alarm was raised on Saturday evening when police officers were called to investigate the appearance of tens of thousands of dead anchovies, sting rays, angel sharks and other species floating in the water off the marina.

The most prominent current theory among marine experts is that the animals died due to oxygen deprivation caused by a sudden bloom of algae in the hot weather.

"Inside the marina here you have the sea walls that make it a confined space, so there's only a certain amount of oxygen in the water immediate to the fish," said bait expert Mike Spears. "It was a low tide, which means the water was going out, nothing was coming in from the ocean, so it was just stale water and they just suffocated in it, and everything around them suffocated, too."

Workers spent Sunday afternoon hauling away the dead sea animals that together weighed an estimated 7,000 pounds and filled over 175 garbage bags.

Source: NBC Los Angeles | Comments (48)

Tags: Fish, Los Angeles

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #39 Posted by stereologist on 27 May, 2014, 15:19
You do not "know everything about algae". Your posts make that quite clear. Right here you state that the algae are visible to the unaided eye. Is that the only algae you are aware of? Are you confusing water plants in general with algae?
Comment icon #40 Posted by qxcontinuum on 27 May, 2014, 15:21
Whaat? All Marine bacterias are photosynthetic meaning they consume Co2 releasing oxygen. The most usual and common example is cyanobacteria to which the life on earth and creation of oxygen was attributed to. They are generating huge quantities of Oxygen to which extend there are projects currently under development of using huge tanks of cyano to produce o2 in polluted industrial places like from China for example.
Comment icon #41 Posted by stereologist on 27 May, 2014, 21:04
Do you ever bother to do research? Your claims are stunningly wrong time after time after time after ... http://www.teachoceanscience.net/teaching_resources/education_modules/marine_bacteria/learn_about/ That is one, not all. Bacteria even are the food source at underwater sea vents where there is no light. Another source points out your error. http://guardianlv.com/2014/01/marine-cyanobacteria-shed-billions-of-dna-containing-vesicles/
Comment icon #42 Posted by ChrLzs on 27 May, 2014, 21:06
Qxc, that is a complete fail. And as soon as anyone tells you they know everything about a subject, you then know exactly what type of pretender they are. In my posts above, I have explained all that you need to know - those would be the posts that you have not debated. Btw, not that I would pull rank.. but from 1995 thru 2002 I was the operations manager for a large marine research centre in South Australia. I've verified that fact to others here. But I'm sure your experience with your aquarium is much more applicable than mine, and that of the many real and experienced research... [More]
Comment icon #43 Posted by qxcontinuum on 27 May, 2014, 21:14
from your link "One group of bacteria called cyanobacteria carry out photosynthesis. They take carbon dioxide (CO[sub]2[/sub]) from the air, turn it into organic parts of their own cells, and release oxygen (O[sub]2[/sub]) just like plants. Half of the primary production, done on Earth is in the ocean, and half of that is done by bacteria!"
Comment icon #44 Posted by qxcontinuum on 27 May, 2014, 21:18
the part that doesn't say what killed the algae which are microcellular organism usually springing in polluted waters transforming the waste in consumable resources for other organisms. What basically killed the unkillable? If that's too hard to understand, I am sorry just wasting my time with Mambo jumbo " look whom am I" type of thing. Let me tell ya what actually does kill algae, things they don't tell ya in schools. 1) Boats painting and underneath coating. That must be done every 2-4 years in Marine boats. Sealing componds that are added, rust profing and algae... [More]
Comment icon #45 Posted by stereologist on 27 May, 2014, 23:27
This has nothing at all to do with the issue at hand except that it proves you wrong.
Comment icon #46 Posted by stereologist on 27 May, 2014, 23:31
You have been proved wrong and you will always be wrong on this issue. Some bacteria can produce oxygen, but those decomposing biological materials consume oxygen and sometimes far in excess of what can be produced thus killing oxygen dependent organisms.
Comment icon #47 Posted by ChrLzs on 28 May, 2014, 3:24
Like some posters here, algae aren't that smart. When whatever caused them to multiply very rapidly into huge numbers is exhausted (hint for the unteachable, that might be the nutrients and/or the warm water conditions..) and runs out, THAT's when they die - millions / billions of them. That decaying mass depletes the oxygen levels and fouls the water. You'd think someone with an open mind / capable of lateral thinking, might think beyond the glass walls of his aquarium. That would be the aquarium into which he apparently poured enough petroleum to take up one fifth of his tank... [More]
Comment icon #48 Posted by atomk12 on 27 August, 2014, 16:59
The "Oxygen Deprivation" excuse is rapidly becoming the go to excuse for this type of mass sea life death. It is like the US Military blaming everything on weather balloons and swamp gas. Don't be fooled by these excuses for the feeble minded. There are sinister plans going on in all the earths oceans, including those of world military. I would not rule out USO's and alien activity either.

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