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'Shadow entity' caught on night camera ?

Posted on Friday, 4 July, 2014 | Comment icon 83 comments

Did Mike capture an entity on film ? Image Credit: YouTube / Mike Pike

A man who set up a camera to film his sleep paralysis managed to capture something unexpected.

Sleep paralysis, the phenomenon in which you enter a half-waking state during which you are unable to move, can be an unnerving experience at the best of times, but when coupled with the feeling that you are not alone or the appearance of someone in the room with you it can quickly change from a harmless curiosity to the stuff of nightmares.

This was exactly what happened to YouTube user Mike Pike who last week observed what he believed to be a dark shadow figure watching him from the foot of his bed during a sleep paralysis episode. Having described the experience as the most terrifying of his life, Pike decided to set up a camera in his room to film what was there in the event that the same thing happened again.

"I'm a rationalist and a very skeptical person with no previous interest in paranormal activity, but after doing some research it seemed like there was a possibility that this entity is real," he wrote.

Sure enough, after rewatching the footage he noticed that he had indeed caught something unusual on camera. From around the 30-second mark on the video below it is possible to see a vague shape rising up towards the ceiling above the bed having seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"I have watched the footage over and over trying to figure out some logical explanation for what could have caused the image of what seems to be a ghost, but I haven't been able to come up with a solution," he wrote.

"I am really starting to believe that I captured the entity I saw during my paralysis on video. This terrifies me so much that I can no longer sleep in my room."

Source: Unexplained Mysteries Forum | Comments (83)

Tags: Ghost, Sleep Paralysis

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #74 Posted by Realm on 28 July, 2014, 11:37
He obviously hasn't read all the other post we have debunked.
Comment icon #75 Posted by Brian Topp on 28 July, 2014, 15:44
I always aware that people tend to only read the first page or just the first post before replying. My favorite was when a kid posted a video of books flying off the shelf, I went and download and brighten the video and notice strings and posted saying so. He confessed it was fake and then said he could not pull a fast one over us. We then had a self declared expert on paranormal and she replied from the OPs first post and had declared that it was legitimate with out a doubt since she knows all these things. Another member pointed that it was already been proven a hoax. Well the self declar... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by nik-h on 28 July, 2014, 22:14
'It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route and find out what really happened.' Even easier dismissing ALL anomalous phenomena as a lazy, disinclination to discover what 'really' happened, in the 'real' world where such things don't 'really' occur. How scientifically rigorous and open minded of you. Nicely illustrated by an instance of some idiot faking it. Now 'Scientists' - those uncorruptable paragons of virtuous logic - they don't go in for any of that now, do they..?
Comment icon #77 Posted by Brian Topp on 29 July, 2014, 9:53
clearly you do not read my posts since I actually do research, replicate the evidence and take time to explain. I hope your 11 other posts are not negative and against people who refuse to blindly accept anonymous peoples stories and in this thread, faked video. Edit to add Well your story is your own, I believe that you believe what happened but to every one else, it's a story, words. I suffer from hypnagogia and sleep paralysis. I have seen things in the dark, monsters, shadows, faces, etc. I see these things on a weekly basis and i don't even watch horror movies hardly much. ht... [More]
Comment icon #78 Posted by nik-h on 3 August, 2014, 16:50
And your story's your own which I too have no means of verifying other than your assertion of its 'truth'. Everything's 'a story, words' that's how humans interpret & communicate even in the absence of words. The 'memory' is linguistic and cannot function without language. This is why no one can remember being a very young child. Neither I, nor my ex-partner suffer from any of the above sleep disorders, or watch horror films. I have at no stage said the video is authentic - I don't believe it is. (You obviously DON'T read my postings haha!... [More]
Comment icon #79 Posted by Brian Topp on 3 August, 2014, 19:23
Major difference is i have science and research and explains what happening to me. You do not need to have a disorder like i have, My point is people can still have sleep paralysis or hypnagogia from the triggers from my previous post. Why post your story on a video that is clearly faked? I read your other posts, you come off aggressive-my-way-or-the-high-way If you actually read my posts i normally have to explain why once every week. Let me explain this again. I believe in ghosts and things but the evidence people present are explained and resolved. just because I believe i... [More]
Comment icon #80 Posted by nik-h on 7 August, 2014, 2:41
Ok here we go... 'Major difference is i have science and research and explains what happening to me.' Well you don't personally 'have' science do you? Science is just another cultural narrative (albeit the dominant one of our age) and is merely the set of currently accepted theoretical models posited and verified by & within an elite, peer group of individuals (almost wholly male). These narratives are then handed down to us mere mortals to accept at face value as 'THE TRUTH' without the expertise or technical means of proving or disproving them. Anyone dis... [More]
Comment icon #81 Posted by Brian Topp on 7 August, 2014, 10:01
As much it sounds intellectual, you still missing the point and you clearly have not really done proper research but google things that suit your point of view while skipping or ignoring what I had said
Comment icon #82 Posted by nik-h on 7 August, 2014, 12:14
Hahaha! Classic 'skeptic' - I haven't 'skipped' round anything - I've answered EVERY single point you've raised. Guaranteed easiest way to win an argument - completely ignore everything the other person says. BTW I have a First Class BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies and an MA in Continental Philosophy but thanks for the 'proper research' tips hahaha! What 'proper' research have you actually undertaken exactly other than telling us you suffer from a sleep disorder? Presumably you do your 'proper research' in the Bodleian Library with a... [More]
Comment icon #83 Posted by antigod on 14 October, 2014, 14:20
this statement could be used for most of the sighting/experience stories on here! This is the best explanation I've ever heard, 6.6.6 you should write a book!

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