Friday, May 27, 2016
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Spinning 50ft disk of ice filmed in Russia
Category: Natural World | Posted on 5-9-2016 | 15 comments
The rare natural phenomenon was captured on camera in Omsk Oblast - a region in southwestern Siberia.

1,000-year-old Viking site found in Canada
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 4-4-2016 | 96 comments
Archaeologists have unearthed what is only the second known Viking site ever discovered in North America.

Further evidence of Planet Nine discovered
Category: Space & Astronomy | Posted on 3-29-2016 | 57 comments
The case for a hidden gas giant in the outer solar system continues to go from strength to strength.

A zebra's stripes are not for camouflage
Category: Natural World | Posted on 1-28-2016 | 11 comments
Scientists have played down the idea that a zebra relies on its stripes to help it hide from predators.

Roman sword allegedly found off Oak Island
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 12-17-2015 | 84 comments
A remarkable new find has suggested that the Romans may have visited North America 2,000 years ago.

New crowdfunding project aims to hunt UFOs
Category: The UFO Phenomenon | Posted on 11-21-2015 | 18 comments
The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $50,000 to launch a satellite that will seek out alien visitors.

Man films the ground 'breathing in and out'
Category: Natural World | Posted on 11-11-2015 | 24 comments
New footage has emerged showing the ground literally heaving up and down within a forest in Canada.

North America home to millions of 'coywolves'
Category: Natural World | Posted on 11-2-2015 | 44 comments
A new wolf-coyote hybrid species is starting to take over and could already number in the millions.

Was the Loch Ness Monster a PR stunt ?
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 11-1-2015 | 34 comments
A new book claims that the legendary lake monster was an invention designed to boost Scottish tourism.

Experts to conduct new scans of the pyramids
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 10-29-2015 | 105 comments
An international team is planning to use modern scanning technologies to seek out hidden chambers.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 143
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