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The UFO Phenomenon

Leaked clip shows Canadian cop's UFO encounter

October 30, 2021 | Comment icon 13 comments

The object can be seen at the top right (see video below). Image Credit: YouTube / Motherboard
An intriguing report details the case of a police officer who encountered something unusual in the sky over Canada.
According to a report filed with the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS), the incident occurred on April 24th, 2011 in the vicinity of Selkirk, Manitoba.

The witness was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer who had been driving in his cruiser when he spotted something moving across the night sky just up ahead.

"Selkirk RCMP reported an unidentified bright yellow and orange light travelling west to east just north of Selkirk Manitoba on April 24th at 2:15 am local," the report states.

"They also advised that they have a video recording of the object."

"A Nav Canada review of radar data indicates a Perimeter Metro aircraft crossed approximately 8 miles northwest at the time of the report, climbing to 17,000 feet."
"RCMP advised they are familiar with the Metro aircraft and stated this was not an aircraft. A CIRVIS report was filed with NORAD."

The video footage, which was acquired at the time by Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski, has since been obtained by Motherboard and has been posted on YouTube.

It shows a bright light moving across the sky from left to right across the frame in the early hours of the morning.

You can check out the clip for yourself below.

The CADORS report can be viewed - here.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Nnicolette 3 months ago
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nnicolette 3 months ago
I guess im not outside enough at night anymore but as a kid i saw several of these kind of things that might pass as an aircraft for minute but then they do odd turns and blink differently or disappear. Maybe what we need to get an idea of what they are is better camera technology. Like the ability to quickly zoom in very close without the hinderance of darkness. I wouldn't consider this a ufo encounter though more of a sighting of a light.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 3 months ago
well the officer is right. UFO unidentified flying object. He didnt know what it was!!!
Comment icon #7 Posted by mesuma 3 months ago
Looks like a lantern. 
Comment icon #8 Posted by Nnicolette 3 months ago
I still wouldnt call that an encounter... More of a weak sighting.
Comment icon #9 Posted by tortugabob 3 months ago
Probably just a helicopter. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
Comment icon #10 Posted by qxcontinuum 3 months ago
Just a pulsating or nothing to see...
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dejarma 3 months ago
it begs the question: any other reports of this amazing event?  If not then so much for the good ole professional observer who don't know what a plane or helicopter looks like.. Or at least consider this a likely conclusion before reporting it as unidentified! Really, is this a joke?
Comment icon #12 Posted by MissJatti 3 months ago
Why dont we all record every moving light we see in the night sky, never know one of them could be a flying saucer lol.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Berwen 3 months ago
Why does this make any kind of news? It's no wonder the average person is so screwed up when they see, hear  or read "crapola" like this. 

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