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Time Travel

A theoretical technology popularised by science fiction that permits an individual to travel backwards or forwards through time typically through the use of a device called a time machine. Time travel has featured in books, film and television shows for years including the Back to the Future series in which time travel is accomplished through a time machine built in to a Delorean.


Physicists have speculated on possible means with which to achieve time travel. While travel in to the future is conceivably achievable the concept of travelling backwards in time brings up several problems. The 'grandfather paradox' is one such concern - if a man travels back in time and kills his own grandfather then he would never have existed in order to travel back and perform the deed. Many believe that the ability to travel back in time and interact with past events is impossible and that the best we can hope to achieve would be to be able to visit the past as an observer. It is unclear as to whether true time travel will ever be possible.

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 Titor, John
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