Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Man implants iPod magnets into his wrist

Posted on Saturday, 19 May, 2012 | Comment icon 26 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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Not content with using a strap, a 21-year-old has had magnets implanted in his wrist to secure his iPod.

The procedure involved implanting four small titanium studs in to the flesh under his skin so that an iPod can be magnetically attached without the need for a wrist strap. Mr Hurban claims that he decided to go ahead with the unusual mechanism because he always wanted a strapless watch and because it would be a world first.

"In today's world, everybody has already done everything twice," he said. "Everyone's looking for the next thing and this is something no one has ever done before."

"Mr Hurban, 21, implanted four small titanium studs into his left wrist and attached four magnets onto the back of his ipod nano, which allows the device to be secured to his wrist without using a strap."

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 Source: Telegraph

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by coldethyl on 20 May, 2012, 17:34
Well how is he going to get through airport metal detectors?
Comment icon #18 Posted by coldethyl on 20 May, 2012, 17:44
Maybe thats the reason he's implanting magnets, to be more "attractive"... terrible joke really, sorry That's basically where mine was going too. lol
Comment icon #19 Posted by csspwns on 21 May, 2012, 1:23
wont the magnet mess up the ipod?
Comment icon #20 Posted by DKO on 23 May, 2012, 11:59
Haha yeah would be funny if it wiped the memory. Same with his credit cards etc... It would be annoying being magnetic. Realizing you have random sh!t stuck to you. 'Excuse me sir, but you appear to have a fridge stuck to your wrist!' Lol yeah just walking along with your arm swinging past your wallet. Later on go to pay with your credit card and just get errors. Or reaching into a office desk drawer and pulling your arm out with paper-clips all over your wrist. So many downsides to it and maybe one upside...
Comment icon #21 Posted by Eldorado on 23 May, 2012, 12:11
Lol yeah just walking along with your arm swinging past your wallet. Later on go to pay with your credit card and just get errors. Or reaching into a office desk drawer and pulling your arm out with paper-clips all over your wrist. So many downsides to it and maybe one upside... It could give you tremendous unzippering skills.
Comment icon #22 Posted by DKO on 23 May, 2012, 12:16
It could give you tremendous unzippering skills. But couldn't it also cause zipper 'accidents'
Comment icon #23 Posted by Eldorado on 23 May, 2012, 12:42
But couldn't it also cause zipper 'accidents' LOL Don't need magnets for that, just more beer. (Am now imagining the guy in the OP walking through a DIY store with 3,000 nuts, bolts, nails etc stuck to his left arm... hehehe)
Comment icon #24 Posted by Vzy4kat63 on 23 May, 2012, 22:13
What an idiot.. But it would be hilarious seeing things get stuck to him though. XD
Comment icon #25 Posted by Purplos on 23 May, 2012, 23:05
Maybe I'm missing something. I could swear it says he got metal studs/posts implanted in his wrist and put the magnets on his iPod. Fridges and paperclips could stick to his iPod... not the metal wrist implants.
Comment icon #26 Posted by coldethyl on 26 May, 2012, 22:39
I don't see why more women don't do this with their boobs and wear metal around their necks. No more push up bras or surgery to lift the puppies.

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