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Is the Internet re-defining our identities ?

Posted on Monday, 21 January, 2013 | Comment icon 20 comments | News tip by: Render

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The prevalence of social networks is changing our view of who we are and our place in the world.

According to a new report, in the future the traditional concept of identity will be less meaningful. These days people are spending more and more time on the Internet, whether it be connecting with others over Facebook, writing in a blog or playing on-line games. Conventional views of one's identity and place in society such as religion, ethnicity, job and age are instead being replaced with on-line interactions.

"The internet can allow many people to realise their identities more fully," the study reads. "Some people who have been shy or lonely or feel less attractive discover they can socialise more successfully and express themselves more freely on-line."

"Social networks such as Facebook and on-line gaming are changing people's view of who they are and their place in the world, according to a report for the government's chief scientist."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #11 Posted by ouija ouija on 21 January, 2013, 21:31
Welcome to U.M.!
Comment icon #12 Posted by The Id3al Experience on 21 January, 2013, 22:06
I used FB for abotu 5 mins, then hated it.... I think its making people social retarts... but as ruth Said, Repect others rights to do so... Everyone knows what everyones up to with a click of the button - in the future, parties will be people standing in silence because there is nothing new to say.....(wait that sounds bliss) hahaha.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Sean93 on 21 January, 2013, 22:54
It's good for messaging...that's it. All those bull**** pages and status updates are enough to drive you up the wall. "Like for a like" - Commence fake profiling by someone who barley knows you. I guess people just love and crave attention.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Eonwe on 21 January, 2013, 23:01
Essentially. It's trading attention for attention.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Jinxdom on 22 January, 2013, 6:33
I don't need people checking in or messaging all that often. Nor do I want to know every little thing about people. A little mystery behind the people you know is nice. What was it the whole distance makes the heart grow fonder, I find this to be more relevant today then it has ever been.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Majikwayz on 22 January, 2013, 12:31
its a good time capsule or timeline for pics and events, even if i lose all my physical pictures and things ive done, it will still be backed up online, as long as nothing happens to internet.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Lava_Lady on 24 January, 2013, 8:25
People will post the most ridiculous bits of information about themselves and I read about someone getting in trouble for posting a picture or making a dumb comment on Facebook at least once a week if not more. It's as if .these people lose their ability to make wise decisions
Comment icon #18 Posted by Frank Merton on 24 January, 2013, 8:43
I suspect that out of the gazillions of posts made there are bound to be a few really dumb ones.
Comment icon #19 Posted by sslama on 25 January, 2013, 4:24
Like anything if you let it, it can be a little consuming. Just like TV, just like all sorts of things. I am an optimist so I look at what this technology can do to help people. It does connect people, especially people that are cut off for some reason.....maybe an illness, maybe location. I think we are living in exciting times. We are just beginning to enter a new realm where billions have a voice. As more people become connected the power of the internet grows.
Comment icon #20 Posted by ouija ouija on 29 January, 2013, 20:50
'where billions have a voice' ....... hmm, all that seems to happen is they're shouting to be heard! Everyone's shouting and no-one is listening . But I agree that it's great for people stuck at home for whatever reason.

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