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Doc Edwards

The mysterious Archons, the "superhuman mind,” and Dr. Chiappalone

July 3, 2010 | Comment icon 2 comments

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[!gad]This old world is a “funny place” as the saying goes (or not so funny, sometimes --- as the case may be) and there are, indeed, many things that go “bump” in the night, and sometimes in the daylight as well! This is why it is so imperative that we humans prepare ourselves, now, to meet and greet the future --- whatever that scenario, so dreaded by so many, might actually be, by raising the level of our own consciousness, and all that that term means in the way of increasing our mental prowess and abilities to the level of “Superhuman” performance and mastery, or we will not be prepared to adequately deal with certain situations and aspects of world events that are soon to come. This is why I am so active in the pursuit of raising the over all level of human consciousness to the “next plateau,” if you will, that I call simply, the “Third Mind,” or even more specifically, “the Gamma-Mind,” referencing the easiest pathway that I have discovered to that end.

I find it a particularly interesting coincidence or synchronicity (or perhaps, NOT!) that this is also, exactly what Dr. Joseph Chiappalone is saying as well, or at least what he alluded to on the Jeff Rense show and website ( which will not only profoundly catapult human consciousness to this next “Superhuman” level, but also will increase the overall human awareness of the menacing operation of these, so-called, “Archons” or as I prefer to call them, “the Ancient Ones. In addition to the increase of conscious-awareness that is the natural by-product of this higher, Third, or Gamma Induced Mind, one is also suddenly able to actually sense the presence (some even claim to have “seen” them physically, as well) --- totally aware of all of their attributes--- of these ancient creatures of worldly manipulation and reality distortion.

Of course, there is really nothing new at all about these “Archons” or “Ancient Ones;” as those of you familiar with, what I call, “original Christianity” already know. When I say, “Original Christianity,” I mean, Christianity as it was originally practiced in the first century, long before the alterations imposed by the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

These Archons have been around, since the foundation of humanity on this planet, doing their best to mislead human awareness and evolution for a long, long time. It is strange --- or perhaps not so strange, after all, given the questionable manipulation that so many scholars, like Dr. Bart Ehrman of the University of North Carolina have lately brought our attention to, concerning the early Church and its dubious development ---- but modern Christian teaching says absolutely nothing about these ancient harbingers of confusion and misguidance, when they were so much a part of original, early Christian teaching and doctrines.

Indeed, many believe that the actions and decrees that took place at this infamous Council of Nicea were themselves overt actions on the part of these “Ancient Ones” to corrupt and dilute the original, powerful teachings of real Christianity. If you doubt me on this point --- especially those of you who might be also ministers or students of First Century Christianity --- I would simply ask you one extremely important question: Assuming that all of the incredible miracles that we read about in the Gospels, done not only by Jesus, but his Apostles and followers as well, are true, then why do we not see any evidence of this supernatural display of spiritual power in the Christianity that we have come to practice today? And the answer is not only obvious, but simple, as well: because original Christian teaching has been distorted, and the focus and spotlight has been changed and altered from absolute spiritual Truth into a form of, what can only be rightly called, “a more acceptable, less dramatic form of worship,” in order to appease and assuage those who believe that miracles are no longer necessary (as many misguided ministers often say) to convert others to Christianity.

I would simply want to point out to these erudite ministers of the Gospel that nothing converts quite as well as conviction, a conviction that comes about as the consequence of being convinced of the reality of the power and might behind all of the well-meaning, but somewhat ineffectual (if we are judging based on the current decline in Christian membership and attendance) preaching that is no longer substantiated with “signs following” (Mark 16:20) ---- but only empty, meaningless, and unsubstantiated words.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Oen Anderson 12 years ago
If you believe what the Bible says is the truth, why does it need interpreting? It has always bothered me that the Bible says one thing and the preacher tells you that it really means something else.
Comment icon #2 Posted by theQ 12 years ago
This is would be great "but" when your a human and have no "ethics" or "morals" or love for your fellow man...well ur in for more misery...people will try to blow up other people with their minds...yea....thats where you would

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