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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Jann Burner

OK - here's how it works

February 10, 2012 | Comment icon 1 comment

Image Credit: CC 1.0 Siddharth Patil
[!gad]Think of "reality" like a pool table and you are a pool ball on that table, on the green felt. You are one of the multi-colored pool balls and there are many others like you. But you know that your job, your goal, is to eventually roll into one of the open pockets. You are competing with all the other balls on the table to see who can fall into the "pocket" first.

Now move your frequency of Mind up a level. You are now the "Cue" ball. It is your job to select a ball from all the others on the table and to hit that specific ball in such a manner so as to knock it into a pocket. As the Cue ball you feel like a king. You seemingly get to choose your target and you apparently have some power. Now move your consciousness up yet another level. You are now the pool "Cue". You get to determine the spin on the cue-ball and you get to select where the cue-ball goes, which of the colored balls it will hit and which pocket the selected ball will eventually fall into. But, as the "Cue", you have a new level of realization. You realize that you are but a tool. You are being moved by the hand, by the intention of another. In some cultures this is called the dawn of religion.

Now rapidly raise through four more frequencies of Mind. You are the man holding the pool Cue, then the man he is competing against as well as the people watching, lending their conscious attention in an attempt to manifest a desired outcome. And finally, you are the man who owns the house in which the pool table sits. As the owner of the house, what is your game? What is your desired outcome? Is this simply "entertainment" or is there a higher, deeper desire at play? These are seven separate radials of consciousness all nested, one within the other, like a collection of Russian dolls. All operating beneath the same general frequency umbrella of localized Mind called Man.

As Man you have the ability to move your point of focus to any level and see through any specific set of eyes. You are not simply an evolved germ. You are a true co-creator. Life is like a hand crafted tapestry and every conscious entity in the entire universe is seated at the loom, tying their knots of experience into the overall design. Now get back to work.

If you enjoy Jann Burner's columns, check out his new book on Amazon - "The Claire Letters" - a spiritual love story between a San Francisco taxi driver and an elderly retired teacher from Texas. Very inspirational.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Darkcore 10 years ago
Wanted to comment.... but gota go back to work!

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