Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

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Posted on Saturday, 15 June, 2013 | 0 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

A few years ago at Brian Hall’s annual Bay Area Conspiracy Conference I met and spoke with Canadian/Israeli/American author and researcher Barry Chamish. Mr. Chamish was born in Winnipeg, Canada, but emigrated to Israel, where he lived for some years and served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in the Lebanon war in 1982. He presently lives in Florida. He wrote four fiction books published in Canada, and numerous magazine articles. In Israel he wrote several books detailing corruption (and worse) within Israel’s government: The Fall of Israel; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Save Israel; Israel Betrayed; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust; The Last Days of Israel; Bye Bye Gaza; and The Stinger, Not the Stung. Several of these books have sold a good many copies, and Mr. Chamish is well known in the US and even better known in Israel. He has also written a book about Israel’s UFO sighting wave of the nineteen eighties and nineties: The Return of the Giants. He and I have exchanged a few e mails over the last few years, and recently I spoke to him by telephone about his UFO research.

Although Mr. Chamish did not specifically address this issue, it is worth mentioning that Jerusalem is considered by many Christians and Jews to be a sacred site. The country of Israel is located along the Dead Sea rift zone, and a number of strange events seem to cluster around tectonic plate boundaries. Israel’s Stonehenge, Gigal Refaim, is an ancient and mysterious structure located on the Golan Heights, and not far from there is Mt. Hermon, where, according to legend, the mysterious Elohim supposedly came down to Earth. This is almost exactly on the thirty third parallel, along which a good many strange things have happened, including the Roswell UFO crash. The ancient megalithic ruins of Baalbek are in Lebanon near the rift zone, and there is a four hundred ton stone in a tunnel in Jerusalem…no one is sure who placed it there, or how.

In many ways, the Israeli UFO events were similar to those that have been recorded elsewhere. People reported seeing UFOs and UFO occupants. Several of the encounters were on or near beaches, and, in at least one case, the witness reported a mysterious “cloud” coming in from the sea. Anyone familiar with the UFO phenomena will remember that, worldwide, a good many UFOs are reported near lakes, rivers, and the ocean, or are reported emerging from or entering the water. The Santa Catalina channel sightings come to mind, and Canada’s “Roswell,” the USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) seen at Shag Harbour.

Crop circles were reported during the sighting wave and appear to have been connected to it in some way; perhaps the UFOs actually create the circles.

Physical traces, including deep indentations in the ground and even mysterious substances were left behind by some of the UFOs in Israel. Magnesium fragments were found in one case; a similar event occurred in Brazil many years ago. In another Israeli case, circles were left in the ground, soaked in a red liquid; analysis showed that it contained a cadmium compound. A landing site on a beach was found to have been magnetized somehow; of course, magnetic disturbances have been noted in many UFO cases around the world, leading many to suspect that the phenomenon is linked to the UFO propulsion system.

And there were reports of animal deaths and mutilations, something else that has happened elsewhere, especially in the US. As in the American cases, the mutilated animals were often discovered right after a UFO had been reported in the vicinity. Some, although not really mutilated, had been drained of all their blood; this too is often reported elsewhere, including in the “chupacabra” attacks in Puerto Rico.

At least two Israeli women reported becoming pregnant after encounters with the UFO entities, and the pregnancies later simply vanished. This, too, is consistent with reports from other parts of the world. In the US and elsewhere, women have reported encounters with the “Greys” followed by disappearing pregnancies, and then being shown what they took to be human/alien hybrids, apparently their own children.

The entities in Israel, like those elsewhere, also seem at times to be paranormal and not physical beings at all, doing things like floating through walls. The late science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke remarked that a sufficiently advanced technology would appear to us to be magical, but I would like to point out that beings with paranormal abilities might mimic technology. Many of the UFOs and entities in Israel had a foul odor; this has also been reported with bigfoot sightings in the US and elsewhere. In addition to behavior that seems evil (killing animals) the Israeli entities often acted in a simply absurd manner, wandering about aimlessly, becoming excited at the discovery of someone’s home aquarium, telling people who attempted to interfere with or question them that they were “busy,” things of that nature. This, too, has been reported in UFO cases elsewhere, and absurd behavior is often exhibited by the “men in black” who harass UFO witnesses.

But whereas “Grays,”, “Nordics,” and a variety of fully human appearing or small humanoids have been reported elsewhere, most of the occupants in the Israeli cases were giants, estimated at seven to nine feet in height, sometimes attired in metallic clothing (that has been reported elsewhere). In at least one case, footprints were left that were so deep that the entity must have weighed many hundreds of pounds, perhaps over a ton.

Unlike some UFO authors who, on the basis of very little evidence, assure us that ancient aliens are responsible for all our past cultural achievements or that we are being visited by “space brothers” from the Pleiades, Barry Chamish is too honest to claim that he knows what the beings are or where they are from. But he does speculate that they may be (whether they are angels, demons, or aliens) identical with the Biblical giants, the Anakim, and their offspring from unions with human women, the Refaim. If so, perhaps their appearance at this point in history is significant. The mystery endures.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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