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T. Stokes

Who was Helen Duncan ?

June 7, 2006 | Comment icon 4 comments
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One of the best documented cases in the history of paranormal archives, and one which still excites public interest, is the British governments harassment and imprisonment of Helen Duncan. Canada’s wartime prime minister Mackenzie King made several trips to visit Britains war cabinet during W.W.II, he also visited the famous medium William Roy, who Dennis Bardens occult student and the founder the “Panorama”, programme said was one of several top rated mediums consulted by Winston Churchill.Now I always believed that it was Helen Duncans refusal to be part of the Churchill/lord Dowding psychic group that prompted the prosecution of Duncan, but it came to light just twenty years ago, that she had in fact innocently advised the British governments occult experts, know as the “black team” and was mentioned by Louis De Whol who led the Astrological section, and occult researcher Dennis Wheatley, who also spoke of the Sunday Express, secretly looking into one of the most respected mediums of the day, Leslie Flint, after an approach by the Churchill clan.Remember Helen Duncan was prosecuted for fraud, if this was true that she was a fraud, then the prosecutions case, that she was jeopardising Allied ships by telling the truth, breaking official secrets must be nonsense, which it really was, as it was the British government who lied about ships not being sunk to “improve moral” ?

In wartime, psychics were employed as dowsers over maps, and to astrally project over strategic sites, Astrologers over the best times for an attack, and mediums for contacting the dead for information, some of these like, the top celebrity palmist of the day were paid in cases of wine to keep their names off payrolls.Disgraced psychic researcher Harry Price knew there was no money or fame in endorsing mediumistic skills, so modelled himself on Houdini, even down to learning cheap conjuring tricks that mimic psychic phenomena, ( in a similar fashion to conjuror James Randi) this is a recognised psychological impairment-and Price claimed he had caught Helen Duncan cheating on several occasions, but Harry Price escaped being drafted into the jaws of W.W.II by the “sudden” discovery of a heart murmer, while being given a stipend from the intelligence services, under the guise of “supervisor in munitions”, and having, according to Dr.E. J. Dingwall, ( see spiritualist periodicals of the time) free rein to attack mediums, So Harry Price was no more impartial or objective as was the obsessive and disturbed Houdini. or James RandiThe story is perhaps apocryphal that the spiritualist fraternity got their revenge on Price, by setting him up for ridicule over the “talking mongoose” episode ( look this up on the net )But it was through publisher Robert Maxwells amazing Bilderberg, J.I.C. intelligence, and Jewish underground contacts that Maxwell said he was told Louis De Whol was brought in only to counteract the work of Karl Kraft the astrological genius who he said was personal astrologer to Pius twelve and to Hitler, who were he said, a catholic alliance to destroy communist Russia, and Germany was no threat to Britain, in fact Maxwells knowledge on this was amazing, and in places duplicates that of David Irving, and chief of wartime naval intelligence, Barry Domville.

It was the gossip of the day that Churchill, who always claimed to have special intuitive ability, had been in unsavoury psychic practises, and this is confirmed by independant clairvoyants that he kept mentioning the bibles ”witch of Endor” passage, to get information on battle winners.Incidentally Churchill was said to have visited Duncan in prison on more than one occasion, but Churchill was known for his duplicity.The government have said both publicly and privately that it was Duncans irresponsibility in making public knowledge the sinking particularly of the H.M.S.Barham, and secondarily the Hood, and another ship, which appears to be the merchantman, “Wilhelm gustoff” sunk on Jan 30. 1945 with 8000 German civilians and wounded on board, this is the greatest maritime loss of life ever, and because it was a great war crime, news of it has never come out, as the government for propaganda purposes wanted the facts suppressed, and that led to Duncans prosecution, as a lesson in silence to others. The I.R.D. or information research department, which was just a propaganda body, even claimed the slogan, “loose lips sink ships” was in order to demonise Duncan.But a mounting body of evidence shows that it could have been the War cabinets chief medium William Roys unmasking as one of the cleverest frauds ever, which was known to have thrown Churchill into deep depression, and helped escalate his drinking sessions to a point where an actor is reputed to have taken his part in public appearances.It was around this time that Churchill is on record as saying to his assistant John “Jock” Colville that the cat on the windowsill could be a spy for the Germans!Never forget that Churchill was an “appeaser” to the Soviets, and actually forbad intelligence gathering on Russia throughout the war, this is incredible, and was the reason at wars end why people like Claus Barbie were guaranteed freedom for the information they had on Russia.Incidentally Britain went back on its word on this, and with the pressure of his financial war backers, did prosecute Germany for war crimes, yet allied and Japanese war criminals went free.

Churchill in fact, like the intelligence services and the legal profession, was heavily into freemasonry, it was called a “fast track to promotion” and some 30 years ago while chatting, a retired senior intelligence officer, this fine old gentleman who had just lost his wife, spilled out so much relevant information, some of this is now in the public domain, but he as a high level wartime naval officer did say that Churchill was so angry that the Bismarck sunk the Hood with such apparent ease, that he insisted the Bismarck must be sunk whatever the cost, and he refused to allow the several British ships in the area to pick up the ships crew, and he said they sailed past in silence, watching hundreds of German sailors drowning in the water. This, a major war crime was on Churchills orders, the excuse after the event was that there were worries of German U. boats in the area, this was patently not true as there was no confirming Enigma intell traffic, in any event they would have made good hostages. But some important facts of the Helen Duncan saga have come out from Soviet bloc sources, such as K.G.B. archivist Vasili Mitrokhin. The British government still hides and obfuscates the truth, in official disinformation and lies, to us its own people, as Soviet master spy sir Anthony Blunt told me, “they will not even tell the truth about why we got involved in the war.”

Blunts knowledge on this saga, and why he was never prosecuted merits a book on its own. However, of particular interest to psychic historians is the phenomenon of psychological –projection, that certain special interest groups point the finger at Hitler being a black magician, when evidence says it was possibly Churchill who would at times see a black dog following him, the black dog is the most sinister sign in the occult register. Churchill’s financial backers would not allow a German surrender, secret negotiations going on through the whole war, particularly from 1942, insisting on the country and peoples total destruction, an act of the grossest evil, which is why Rudolph Hess Who was innocent of war crimes, was imprisoned for life and finally murdered by a British special forces operative. There is much other evidence of German offers for an honourable surrender, Which Churchill and his secret backers refused.Remember in India in 1942 while fighting in Britain’s war suffered a famine that killed over 4 million people, Churchill would send no help, but sent help to Russia, that just stood rotting on the dock month after month.When Russia particularly since the 1930s planned a communist takeover for Britain.Hitler and his Roman catholic sympathies, and Stalin with his atheist beliefs, both had institutional hatred for Churchill’s freemasonry contacts.Finally there are what are called “wallflowers” these are in the intelligence game the memories that are the last to bloom, and often are never seen, many intelligence men before they die will pass on these hidden blooms from the gardens of the soul, sometimes guilt can prevent progress and the unburdening of these memories, can be very therapeutic for them, and to visit such men often in nursing homes to hear their last confessions over many years helps to put the official lies of the wartime jigsaw together. Of perhaps a hundred books behind this article, the relevant ones are;

“from admiral to cabin boy” by Barry Domville,

“Lies in wartime” by A. Ponsonby

testimonies of Ethel Rosenburg

Australian freedom of information act

Diaries of Minnie Adamson

H.M.Prison records.

Spiritualist association documents

Jonathan pollard legal statements
Soviet war records.

Russian G.R.U. archives

J Scott funeral arrangers.

Crown Prosecution service withheld files section.

Wartime court records

Sir Anthony Blunt/Queen mother statements held in Moscow

A.Pocklington Genealogists ass.

Rudolph Hess secret statements.

Admiralty papers for shredding basket.

Buster Milmo M.I.5 internal chatter.

J.I.C and M. I.5 documentation held in Dzerzinsky offices

The Churchill papers ( pre.editing )

Janes fighting ships

Apparatus inspired by the genius Nicola Tesla, is believed to be used in amplification exercises, for psychic warriors in Israel, the professional U.S. armyjournal, “The military review” some years ago, entitled an article “The new mental battlefield”, most of this material was based on Britains wartime psychic efforts, and is only eclipsed by inspectors in China running tests on schoolchildren for psychic training ability, in the same way they used to train young gymnasts. Comments (4)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by WoDoByMe 18 years ago
Wow this article goes on and on without ever really making a point. I don't get it.
Comment icon #2 Posted by OlDrippy34 18 years ago
Yeah, I noticed that. All I could think was "That is an ugly human being." ...Cause I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a broad.
Comment icon #3 Posted by LucidElement 18 years ago
WHo is Helen Duncan!!! Guy or Broad!?
Comment icon #4 Posted by OlDrippy34 18 years ago
I maintain that that broad is mad mannish.

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