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T. Stokes

Palmistry from ultrascans

June 26, 2006 | Comment icon 0 comments
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Queen Victoria during the 1880s popularised the taking of plaster cast’s of children’s hands, by doing those of her own children. These cast’s were then wax filled and often given a sleeve from an old garment to complete the realism, soon the whole country was following suit. To encounter one of these wax hands in an antique shop today can be a bit of a shock as they can be so realistic.One of queen Victoria’s babies hands was even copied into a door knocker, a ring stand and a paperweight.The trend in the nineteen seventies was for a smoke rubbing or hand print of the new born baby, and a written sheet of projections and predictions to follow up as the child grew, a London Vicar by this method, expanded his donations to the missionary fund threefold.Today’s technology demanded an update from the palmistry craze of the Victorian parlour, so I took a look at a picture of an ultra-scan of a baby in the womb, to see what his hands said.The way you hold and move your hands has always been a good guide to your personality, and outlook, but to see these qualities before birth is truly amazing.Before I knew it I was inundated with demands to look at other babies Ultrascans.

The baby for 8 months lays alone with his mother in a watery cocoon, he coos and plays sucks his thumb, touches and kicks his umbilical cord, and listens to the voices of his mother and father.That babies experience all the emotions of the mother has been long known, and they react to voices they know with excited gestures and they absorb far more than was realised until recent advances in scanning technology.Daphne and Charles Maurer explained this in their superb book,”The world of the newborn” and describe putting a tiny microphone vaginally into the uterus, the sounds of mothers heartbeat, lungs and intestines are just incredible.For the palmist the argument since Plato has been the question of why some children are left handed, whichever thumb is mainly sucked in the womb will be the preferential hand in later life.Another difficulty can be solved over whether a baby will be born with an abnormality such as Downs Syndrome, many doctors belong to the “Catholic medical guild” and will not abort no matter what, putting their own belief before patient welfare.Downs children in a high percentage of cases have the single palmer flexion crease, Known to palmists as the “Simian line,” as its discoverer Dr. Crookshank noticed it occurred in “Simians” or Monkeys, this same configuration which is a recognised sign of chromosome abnormality, and is seen with drug damage such as Thalidomide, overuse of alcohol, nicotine, antibiotics, tranquillisers, the contraceptive pill and painkillers, and should be allowed 12 months to be fully clear of the system before considering pregnancy, one in eighty babies are damaged at birth by alcohol,even more in the Soviet Union.
Bulbous thumbs are another early warning sign of difficulty.A baby born to a mother who undergoes a stressful pregnancy can remain with high levels of cortisone until its teens, and single parent families have high incidences of this factor, rendering them vulnerable to mental and physical illness in later life.Researchers now claim that too much stress to the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, can do a baby major damage, just as mothers have always said.Stress levels can be determined by the hand and its gestures, within the womb on the scan.The mothers diet plays a crucial role in foetus development, and a disturbed or malnourished baby will make unhappy hand gestures, which can also be picked up, by the baby making silent throat and chest crying motions, and the palmer lineation.A 1998 Readers digest article, suggests that when a bright light is shone on the mothers stomach the baby will turn his face to the light.Before my eldest son was born, up until a couple of weeks to the birth he was upside down, what doctors call “Breach” This was getting to the worrying stage, so that night I asked my wife to lay quietly on her back and put my hands on her tummy, I had spoken softly to the little chap many times so he knew my voice, I then said, and sent my thoughts strongly to him, that as I moved my hands round he should follow suit. My wife said she had the worst night she ever had he was restless and kicking, but next day was still, my wife felt both were exhausted, and when she went for her final check up, the doctor called in the specialist so shocked was he that a baby could turn so late, my wife and I just smirked, and left the doctors in ignorance.The human ear is the curled shape of a baby in the womb, and gentle stroking of the ear can calm a kicking or disturbed baby, similarly in acupressure, the life line on the palm can be rubbed back and forth to help settle a baby.The thumb is held inside the hand with babies and those under great stress, when a baby is happy with its independence, its thumb comes out.So we see that a baby in the womb with his thumb inside is not yet ready to be born., winter born babies are bigger stronger, live longer and are more successful statistically than summer born babies, and are longer and heavier, but not as happy, as astrologers have always told us.

Italian researchers who studied 3000 post-menopausal women found the date of the menopause was linked to the date of birth.Earliest onset was with March births, who reached at 48 years and nine months, and the latest was October births as Autumn born babies were still fertile at 50 years and three months, confirming that prenatal environments have surprising effects in later life, as does the body type.French studies by Michael Gauguin also showed that the month of birth strongly effected the career, sporting abilities and school work. A Caesarean birth can give a higher incidence of eczema and asthma, proclivities to these can also be seen on the ultra-scan handprint. Crucially inherited palmer signals can tell who the real father of a baby is, and even the mother will pass on certain linear formations, useful information in paternity cases, The communications sector in the little or Mercury finger will usually tell if the father has been present during pregnancy.The baby in the womb may not yet be able to speak, but they sure communicate through other ways, as the palmer gesture can be interpreted into language we all understand. Comments (0)

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