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Charn Parker

Mystery fingerprints

January 9, 2007 | Comment icon 11 comments

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After I left my last live-in job as a health aid/companion/nurse in December of 1993, I moved into my own apartment and had planned to continue in this type of work as a live-out. However I fell on the ice during February of 1994 the year of our big ice storm. I fell very hard on my side and arm twice. To shorten this, I was put on permanent disability by Social Security. I lost my apartment at the time and my friend Brendan said, “You move in with me until you get back on your feet. I don’t want to see you on the streets.” Well, little did he or I know what he was saying. I was with Brendan from May of 1994 until May of 2003, a period of nine years. We became best of friends.

From My Journal: November 28, 1999
I awoke itching really bad. It was the first time in a week. Brendan was awake also and usually he is sound asleep at this hour due to his medication. We both kept hearing a steady high pitched sound. After listening for a few minutes and trying to figure out what it was, we started feeling nauseated – sick to our stomachs. Then we began to sense a second sound; a low whirring or humming sound. This all began at 2:45 AM and it is still continuing at 3:05 AM. We have checked around the apartment, out in the hall, listened out the windows and can find no source. It seems to be right in the apartment toward the living room area. The humming sound is now gone and the high pitched sound now sounds a bit muffled. The time is 3:30 AM. 3:45 AM the high pitch has quieted about 80% - going to bed. Awoke at 8:00 AM the sound is gone.

There was another evening in 1999 when I was outside taking a walk around the building and as usual I was enjoying the night sky. And up high in the sky I noticed three small stars; at least I thought they were. They were in a triangle form in the sky, then suddenly they shifted to a horizontal angle of what appeared to be about 45° at that point I knew they were not stars. I ran into the apartment I got Brendan to come out. There were the stars, still at an angle. I told him about the triangular design and he said, “You’re kiddin’ they really were like that?” Just then those stars changed back into the triangle appearance. He was really amazed at seeing those stars or ships? Then it was over, they were gone. They didn’t move off or fly away they simply – went out. Now for something that was very confusing and later became a very strange and eerie experience.

It was July of 2001 I was working on my website called Love Is the Goal. It consisted of my writings and approximately 360 poems I had written on various subjects. I had also included a Greetings to Send section that I had created. Birthday and other special occasions as well as holidays. I really enjoyed my website. I began noticing little marks that looked like fingerprints. They weren’t really adult size; nevertheless I asked Brendan if he has been touching the screen when he went on line. He said, “No!” So I dropped it, but I was sure he had and I had embarrassed him. So I cleaned them off and the next day they were back again. Sometimes they were larger than other times. There generally would never be less than about a dozen, but occasionally there were. Clean and clean and clean – it was really starting to piss me off. I just knew Brendan was touching the screen, but I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want him to tick him off. He said he didn’t touch the screen and I should have taken his word for it. I did and didn’t believe him; I didn’t know what to think. It went on for approximately one month.

I wondered if they might be spirits doing this. Was it ectoplasm? I checked and it did not seem that it would be that. Some of these wiped off almost like dust. The others however had an oily type of base. I took my finger and rubbed one. I couldn’t figure out what would be that greasy. They were even on the mirror behind the computer and on the living room window, a few. Never did I consider Aliens at this point. I am not sure or don’t remember what caused me to request a friend of mine to ask her boyfriend if he would photograph these with his digital camera; oh now I do remember. It was because I had contacted a gentleman in Australia about fingerprints I had seen in his or someone’s site about the paranormal. He wanted me to take a picture of the fingerprints. So her boyfriend came over the following day and took a picture. I had not removed the ones from the day before. We took three pictures. Then my friend Chuck came over from work at lunch time. He couldn’t believe I was getting fingerprints without touching the screen. He was amazed. So he brought a special screen cleaner and cleared them off. When I went to turn on my monitor the next morning there were no fingerprints to be seen and they never returned. I actually started missing them; goofy huh?
Then Chuck called me from his office. He was beside himself. He went to his computer and the screen was basically covered with fingerprints, in no particular order. Some looked smeared as if someone had dabbed their finger in something and smeared that area of the screen. Chuck being an Executive at the Hecht Company in Arlington, Virginia always cleaned his screen before he left in the evenings and he has a security lock on his office. No one could have come in and messed with his screen. Every two or three days he would have a fresh batch of fingerprints. I reiterate mine never returned!

I was looking at the prints with the zoom in option one day and I noticed they looked different – sharper, and then I noticed one particular one. It made me think of the pads of an animal. It had a pentagon shape to it. That is when the thought of Alien came to me. I didn’t know how they got in or why they would do this except to get my attention; but there it was. I am enclosing that picture for you so you can study it. It would be interesting to see what you think. A few days later another group of prints showed up on Chuck’s monitor. Three groups of three prints. He didn’t think to photograph them.

Chuck told me that I had made the comment that perhaps they could be Alien because of the triangle effect. He cleaned them off and after that they never appeared on his monitor again. I should add here that when reading Sight Unseen by Budd Hopkins I read on page 353 of Damoe and the Unmarked Helicopters, Will refers to the aliens as “greasy looking.” Well immediately I thought of the oily fingerprints in the picture, maybe and maybe not?


Click here for full sized image of the fingerprints

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Ribba 17 years ago
what i dont understand is why (if they are aliens at all) they would come in just to leave finger prints?
Comment icon #3 Posted by smallpackage 17 years ago
What's to say, Monitors are fascinating.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Celumnaz 17 years ago
reminds me of the scene in that star trek movie where scotty picks up that mouse and starts talking to it... maybe the aliens are just used to touch screens?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Charn 17 years ago
what i dont understand is why (if they are aliens at all) they would come in just to leave finger prints?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Charn 17 years ago
what i dont understand is why (if they are aliens at all) they would come in just to leave finger prints? Ribba - I know that I was abducted as a child - I know I have implants - but why they would simply put prints on the monitor, I do not know. I assume they or It was Alien or Spirit - there is no other logical answer. Especially with the appearance of the one with the upraised portion.
Comment icon #7 Posted by The Mystical Bagel 17 years ago
To be honest, I don't believe in intelligent alien life, and am very skeptical when it comes to spirits. However... As humans when we are introduced to something new that we haven't experienced before. We tend to see, smell, touch ... and if allowed taste. Who is to say that some alien life form if new to our planet wouldn't 'touch' our computer screens not knowing what they are at all. Maybe its not so much being a computer screen, but the concept of 'glass' itself. You ever notice how all of those UFO conception pictures never have windows?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Nothing0 17 years ago
what i dont understand is why (if they are aliens at all) they would come in just to leave finger prints? It should be obvious that leaving fingerprints wasn't their aim, they were left incidentally. Their real purpose is unknown.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sea 17 years ago
Scay and cool in the same way
Comment icon #10 Posted by Laluna 9 years ago
I was looking for some information on a mysterious fingerprints on the ceiling and found your post. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that above my bed there is an area with small fingertips, they looked grayish, I also noted they were grouped in three, like a paw of an animal. They were located right above my side of the bed in a circle. I don't know where they come from and how long they have been there. I took a picture of my ceiling and would love to know if anybody had a similar experience.
Comment icon #11 Posted by John Wesley Boyd 9 years ago
Sounds like Brown Jenkin has paid you a visit.

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