Friday, January 15, 2021
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  Columnist: Gene Brown

Triple digit time

Posted on Tuesday, 3 July, 2007 | 22 comments
Columnist: Gene Brown

For the last 6 or 7 months, I have noticed a steady increase in the topics, posts and blogs about the phenomena of triple digit time and just time in general. Have you noticed the numbers 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 popping up all over the place? I myself have been experiencing this quite a bit also, so I decided to dedicate my column this month to it. I started noticing about 5 months ago that I was seeing the number 11:11 quite a fair bit and never really knew why until I started seeing posts and links about it - apparently all over the world people were having this same occurrence and were all looking for answers too. I stumbled across a message board dedicated to the particular time of 11:11, what it meant and why people were seeing this twice a day on clocks and seeing prices at stores and whatnot. Here’s a possible explanation for your questions, if you believe, of course, that all these times you see aren’t just a random coincidence.

Midwayers - simple word right, not so easily believed or understood. Apparently this is the cause of all those people seeing 11:11 and other times mentioned above. You might be asking yourself, “Gene, what’s a Midwayer?” I will tell you.

Midwayers are material beings (all 1,111 of them) that are here to help us with our everyday life by giving us those little 11:11 (and other) signals, referred to by a lot of people as wakeup calls, showing us that we‘re on the right track or that we need to do something different. The idea of having these spirits around us might be hard to believe, but it could be very possible that something is prompting us look at the clock every time it’s 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. - I used to see everyone of those every single day (until I got a job) for the last 5 months … so maybe it was a sign to get off my ass and get employed. I for one believe this due to the probability of just looking at a clock every hour and eleven minutes (1:11) being ridiculously low. Here’s some excerpts from the afore mentioned site which may give you a better understanding:


11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

What does it mean?

It's a wake up call.

What does that mean?

Well in general it is an awakening to things that you don't know, and need to know. Humanity is in a mess, and not heading in the right direction. Folks are needed to change that, and it happens to one person at a time. Starting with you.

What do I have to do?

Acknowledge it out loud. Say - OK guys I hear you, tell me what you want.

But I can't hear anything?

They will find some way to let you know. These guys are a bunch of special angels, and they have picked you for a very good reason. Quite what that reason is, may only later become clear. If you want to, you can work with them, as George has done, for many years. Or you can ask them to go away. Your choice - it's called free will. But they picked you because you can be useful to them. The chances are if you develop good meditation techniques, or practice George's Akashic Construct, you will either see or hear these guys. Maybe both.
Why the 11:11 prompt?

There were only 1,111 of these guys for a very long time, but today there are a very great number of them. They asked for, and were given, the 11:11 signal as a trademark. Sometimes they will vary the prompt, and that may indicate precisely the individual prompting you. For example if you always get 10:24, it’s your prompt … and if you have to be made very aware, you will receive many, hence 1:11, 2:22, etc.

What's with this "midwayer" thing?

Well technically they are called Midwayers, because they live in a realm between us and the next level that we go to after death. They are the closest spiritual entity to us. They are actually material creatures, but of a material invisible to most of us. It was not supposed to be like that, we were supposed to be able to see them, and on "normal" worlds that is the way it is. George much prefers to call them "Spiritual Guardians" or simply "Angels."

What proof have you got?

George Barnard has been dealing with these guys for over 50 years. He sees them, and talks to them. Mostly he sees with his spiritual eyes, but there have been cases of physical manifestation as well. You could not expect a psych (George) to believe in the voices in his head if they did not turn up physically, could you? They have played a major role in his entire life, and some of his experiences are detailed in his books "The Search for 11:11". and "In the Service of 11:11". In fact there are three more books in the pipeline. You can read some of the chapters of that book on-line here. You can also download two chapters of "In the Service" in PDF format :In the Service of 11:11

Well now it’s up to you whether or not to believe in all this. If you are getting these prompts everyday then it may provide you with some information and some awareness that you need to get your life on track or that you‘re doing ok - trust me you’ll just know - I did. Personally I love this theory, just knowing that it’s possible that there are other forces out there just trying to help mankind, because right now we need all the help we can get … hopefully those wakeup calls are strong.

My columns aren’t about asking for your belief, or me trying to change your views on anything, I’m just trying to make people aware of the different theories and possibilities that can come along in life. I’m reminded of a post that LittleIrishVampiress made a few days ago:

“I reasoned with myself one day that we as humans cannot really 'see' the universe with our simple naked eye, and only when we discovered the existence of things such as ultra-violet rays and the like could we make instruments to 'see' them...and so couldn't it be possible that the universe is much more 'full' then we currently think, as we can't actually 'see' what's there with our limited perceptions, and simply haven't the instruments to view or sense them for us, as we are obviously ignorant of their existence in the first place?

Let's say, for instance, there could be anything between here and the moon, only we have not the capabilities nor the knowledge of its existence to sense, view or detect it in any way.

We can only go by the physics here on earth that we already know exist, but could not the physics of the universe in its whole be entirely more vast, and we are simply blind to it all, limited earth-bound creatures that we are?”

She makes a very good point and it should at least help you to open your mind and accept possibilities.
Well that’s it for another month … if anyone would like me to research some particular topic and maybe write a column on, just let me know - I’m found under GeneBrowne on this site.



Article Copyright© Gene Brown - reproduced with permission.

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