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William B Stoecker

Space drives

1-22-2011 | 5

Getting into space is an incredibly difficult, expensive, and (for manned flights) dangerous operation. We are at t...

William B Stoecker

Twins and synchronicity

1-8-2011 | 1

Most of us like to imagine that we enjoy free will, but we cannot even clearly define the term. Certainly, our free...

William B Stoecker

A tower ready to fall ?

12-22-2010 | 2

Modern physics, despite its complexity and the fact that relativity and quantum mechanics seem to defy common sense...

William B Stoecker

Did Hitler die in 1945 ?

9-13-2010 | 41

We are told that the Allies defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan in 1945 to bring freedom to mi...

William B Stoecker

The dragon in the loch

8-20-2010 | 11

People have always believed in and often reported seeing strange creatures unknown to zoologists. Today, such unkno...

William B Stoecker

Engineered plagues ?

7-15-2010 | 4

Recombinant DNA technology, which combines DNA sequences not normally found together in nature, was pioneered by A....

William B Stoecker


6-15-2010 | 7

In the last decade or so we have seen the rise of something called the patriot movement, composed of a large number...

William B Stoecker

Accidents or murder ?

6-6-2010 | 5

USAF pilot Virgil “Gus” Grissom (4/3/26-1/27/67) was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts, who flew ato...

William B Stoecker

Zodiacs ?

5-28-2010 | 4

On 12/20/68 a young couple, Betty Lou Jensen and Arthur Faraday, were parked on Lake Herman Road in Benicia, Califo...

William B Stoecker

The effects of free energy

5-5-2010 | 10

There is increasing evidence that, as a nation, we are far from poor in energy resources, and that our dependence o...

William B Stoecker

The Luciferian conspiracy

4-17-2010 | 17

Entire books, including my own, have been written to expose the global conspiracy many of us believe is behind most...

William B Stoecker

Night jumpers

4-3-2010 | 5

Since time immemorial people have reported encounters with fabulous and often terrifying creatures, many of them se...

William B Stoecker

The false prophet of Virginia Beach

3-8-2010 | 12

Edgar Cayce, the so-called “sleeping prophet” of Virginia Beach, Virginia, has been elevated to cult status by ...

William B Stoecker

The long summer

2-14-2010 | 0

Today we are bombarded by the government and the media with claims that due to our production of carbon dioxide, th...

William B Stoecker

The charmed life of Adolf Hitler

2-9-2010 | 21

In one of his quatrains, Nostradamus predicted the rise of a terrible European tyrant and conqueror called “Histe...

William B Stoecker


2-3-2010 | 2

Some scientists have a very unscientific habit of proposing theories (or, sometimes, just wild guesses) and then tr...

William B Stoecker

The secret history of fascism

1-16-2010 | 25

We are told that there is a political spectrum extending from communism on the left to fascism on the right. Aside ...

William B Stoecker

The mystery of evil

12-23-2009 | 8

For those who believe in the existence of a benevolent Supreme Being, it has always been difficult to understand or...

William B Stoecker

Three false flags

12-12-2009 | 6

Throughout American history there have been strange and terrible events like the explosion of the battleship Maine,...

William B Stoecker

Beneath our feet

11-30-2009 | 2

On many issues people tend to gravitate to the extremes, becoming either knee-jerk debunkers or mindless true bel...

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