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The UFO Phenomenon

Scorpion-shaped UFO sighted over Spain

By T.K. Randall
August 25, 2011 · Comment icon 125 comments

Image Credit: Jamie O'Rourke
An odd shaped UFO that resembles a scorpion has been photographed over Los Cristianos in Spain.
The case was picked up by the Global UFO Reporting Center after the pictures were sent in by Jamie O'Rourke. Despite searching the internet for similarly shaped kites or other objects that might help explain what the UFO might be, O'Rourke was unable to identify it.
In one of the most unusual recent UFO sightings, a scorpion-shaped object was spotted in the skies above Los Cristianos, Spain on Saturday, August 21, 2011. Jamie O'Rourke saw the unidentified flying object near his home around 8:00am and managed to snap several photos before the object disappeared.

Source: The Examiner | Comments (125)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #116 Posted by lost_shaman 12 years ago
I love how people keep saying 'if this is a hoax' Dare I ask why you 'love' that?
Comment icon #117 Posted by cerberusxp 12 years ago
Looks very much like a Klingon bird of prey.
Comment icon #118 Posted by Macroramphosis 12 years ago
Cranes in Spain, on the plain ? Yes. Cranes in the Canary Islands ? No. Well, not of the avian variety anyway. Mechanical ones, yes.......
Comment icon #119 Posted by lost_shaman 12 years ago
Cranes in Spain, on the plain ? Yes. Cranes in the Canary Islands ? No. Well, not of the avian variety anyway. Mechanical ones, yes....... Actually Cranes are listed as one of the speices on the Canary Islands. Gruidae Common Crane Grus grus Rare/Accidental
Comment icon #120 Posted by Macroramphosis 12 years ago
I have never seen one there (and yes, I have spent a lot of time in the islands, a lot of it watching birds of the feathered variety) and I suspect you will see a three-winged boomerang there far more often than a crane. Especially when aforementioned boomerang is involved with bored men on holiday in the land of holiday-booze.
Comment icon #121 Posted by Ryegrog 12 years ago
Klingons are invading. Capt. Kirk needs to quit Priceline and take command of the Enterprise and blast these muggs out of the sky. LOL
Comment icon #122 Posted by Paxus 12 years ago
I had something like that when I was a kid. Like a frisbee but it had three rotors just like that. Can't remember what it was called, but it worked like a frisbee. BooN hit the nail on the head! I had one aswell and I say that is exactly what is in that picture. It's only due to the perspective that it looks 'scorpion-like'. You can CLEARLY see all the 'arms' of the object are the same length - you're not taking perspective into consideration if you think they are different lengths. This is NOT the one we're talking about, but gives you an idea of the type of toy we mean:
Comment icon #123 Posted by Paxus 12 years ago
Everyone that said boomerang, the original photo shows the height it is in the sky... Airplane height...Not boomerang height... Try a little harder...please...Depressing to hear the same boomerang/weather balloon/chinese lantern argument, no matter what shape, height, looks or movement of an object. No need to me a smartarse, if it looks exactly like a throwing toy I had, it must be considered that that is exactly what it is! You don't know how the photo was made! Source of this original photo you mention please.
Comment icon #124 Posted by scheming_dreaming 12 years ago
The cranes in Spain? I think they're mainly to be found on the plain. Or in shallow wetlands anyway. can you attain a crane on the plain in spain to explain this insane hoax again? hurts my brain...
Comment icon #125 Posted by xScorpinix 11 years ago
Flying Scorpions. ...It could happen!

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