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Bill Clinton talks about aliens in interview

By T.K. Randall
April 3, 2014 · Comment icon 829 comments

Clinton seemed very open to discussing the subject of alien visitation. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 dbking
The former United States president talked about the controversial subject on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Some conspiracy theorists have long believed that the US government has been withholding information about extraterrestrial visitors, a subject that Clinton seemed all too happy to talk about during the televised interview on Wednesday.

"If we were visited someday I wouldn't be surprised," he said. "I just hope it's not like 'Independence Day'."
During the interview Clinton claimed that upon becoming president he conducted his own investigation in to the activities at Area 51 and the infamous Roswell Incident that took place in New Mexico in 1947. "I had all the Roswell papers reviewed - everything," he said.

Clinton also referenced the movie 'Independence Day' a second time by speaking about the way in which a threat from space could unite the human race, a theme that was also explored by Ronald Reagan during a speech to the UN in 1987.

"It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours... think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader," he said. "That's the whole theory of 'Independence Day'. Everybody gets together and makes nice."

Source: ABC News | Comments (829)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #820 Posted by Merc14 10 years ago
I have seen that quote used a great deal. Mostly at woo sites, where I feel it is misconstrued. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.” Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works How does that not apply to the original Orion Program with Nuclear Propulsion as well as imaginative woo one might ask? It does not seem to at all from what I can tell. LINK - Project Orion Nuclear Propulsion. ... [More]
Comment icon #821 Posted by psyche101 10 years ago
Thanks mate. Brilliant as usual and I had forgotten that chapter. Thanks. Cheers Brah. There were so many programs after WWII, it's darn near impossible to retain and keep a handle on them all, but there was a great deal of secrecy involved in some valiant attempt to break new ground, which has survived on the form of UFO stories, I would say largely from observers who hadn't the foggiest what they were looking at. And some who just want a bit of attention to fill out a lonely retired existence.
Comment icon #822 Posted by badeskov 10 years ago
I have a feeling it's too closely connected to dismiss, but not only that, it's a tangible "thing" that can be attached to his quote, not a wild speculation that cannot be proven to exist at all. Just putting one's feet on the ground really I guess so I'd say your right, to my mind the advances might be in better containment and delivery, perhaps a way to utilize the waste. Even a 2% increase in power would be highly significant to the Orion concept. I agree with you, even a few percent worth of utilization increase helps. But I still see the quantum leap with fusion (or something else). Again... [More]
Comment icon #823 Posted by quillius 10 years ago
Ive been in and out (home) since I wrote that, didnt save the page...had a few open at the time! BUT.... this phrase from the above "No, but hasn't been proven either. So far, it's nothing more than hearsay that he said these things. There are numerous people who claim to have been at the locations, and heard it, but no recordings of Ben to support it" Anything to counter this? not sure what I am meant to counter? a random strapline from an unknown source? I havent seen a video, heard an audio or seen any of the slides. Could it all be a lie? well yes I guess it could, do I think he said it, y... [More]
Comment icon #824 Posted by quillius 10 years ago
Do you mean the quotes were made separately as a whole, or what seeder posted is two separate quotes stitched together, according to sources, I believe the former is correct. He did make that quote in it's entirety See this link You will note after making the quote, the interviewer questions him on how UFO propulsion works (not leading the witness or anything there, I expect that from some half assed drunk like Joe ) and Ben Rich replies that their propulsion works - get this Like ESP. Nuff said mate. That's the remainder of credibility associated with these interviews flushed well and truly d... [More]
Comment icon #825 Posted by quillius 10 years ago
He says We have the technology but then says We need to devise the technology to make that happen Is that not contradictory? He says "we have the tech" and then he says we have to build it. Surely he is saying the technology we have is what he believes is needed to take us to the stars, we have just not built it into the right configuration yet and it needs more development? Sort of like how Steve Jobs allegedly left Apple ten years of future invention based on technology that he sees emerging based on current technology and it's development? according to the quote (from your link to the book)... [More]
Comment icon #826 Posted by seeder 10 years ago
Would mentioning ET in an earlier piece work against the impact the last slide was supposed to have? There was the movie, ET. In that movie, ET was stuck here...and needed to get home right? So perhaps it was just a humorous reference to the movie idea, now taken out of context
Comment icon #827 Posted by quillius 10 years ago
There was the movie, ET. In that movie, ET was stuck here...and needed to get home right? So perhaps it was just a humorous reference to the movie idea, now taken out of context quite fact I may even lean that way myself. I was highlighting that the ET part was on the last slide-for impact. However if the otehr quote is correct, then he mentions ET in that so my argument is wouldnt that reduce the impact of the last slide? if so the chances are the earlier sentence in its entirety may not be as quoted and may be more of a combination of things he said during speech.
Comment icon #828 Posted by bee 10 years ago
I suppose it is simple semantics but it depends on what is meant by "among the stars" or "to the stars". To me "stars" (plural) indicates an area where there would be many stars, which isn't much of a difference than saying 'space'. Does it mean outside our solar system? I don't know, someone would have to ask Ben Rich that. We can travel in space already, and have on many occasions. We could conceivably put a man on Mars within a short period of time if money and politics weren't an issue. We do have the capability to travel beyond Earth. Unfortunately it takes a government(s) to enable somet... [More]
Comment icon #829 Posted by psyche101 10 years ago
to be honest until we can see first hand the wording then I am not sure the order of what was said, I mean there is the comment about 'we have been given a contract by USAF to take ET home' this in part is in the main 'sentences' but it is also said to have been in the last slide at the end of the talk. could these have been mixed together? Would mentioning ET in an earlier piece work against the impact the last slide was supposed to have? I guess the discussion grinds to a halt without seeing/hearing the exact words used, context may also help quite a bit according to the quote (from your lin... [More]

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