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Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Loch Ness Monster footage emerges

By T.K. Randall
November 10, 2014 · Comment icon 55 comments

Many people have sighted something unusual in the loch over the years. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Ben Buxton
Richard Collis had been traveling along the side of the loch when he spotted something unusual.
The 58-year-old had been driving on a road overlooking the water when he noticed a dark object sticking up from the surface. Stopping his car he got out to take a closer look and recorded a series of photographs and several seconds of footage.

The images he captured seemed to show what looked like a long neck and head protruding from the water like in the infamous Surgeon's Photograph from 1934.
"The loch was quite rough and I wanted to get as best a picture that I could possibly get because I knew it wasnít going to last forever," he said. "It was about roughly 150-200 metres out in the water on a stretch about a mile from Fort Augustus heading towards Invermoriston."

"Itís similar to the Surgeon's Photo, thatís what I thought was weird. To me it looks like a long neck and a small head. Like a serpent - the old highland name of it was sea serpent or water horse."

The images and video can be viewed - here ( alternative video link - here. )

Source: Daily Record | Comments (55)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #46 Posted by HMS Dreadnought 8 years ago
This topic just made me want a drink
Comment icon #47 Posted by MidnightLady 8 years ago
Yep, sur Yep, sure does: My dad was a trucker. He loved his job. Now I get it.
Comment icon #48 Posted by theotherguy 8 years ago
Don't worry, you can share Some Of mine. Am I seeing things or is that bottle only 10 proof?
Comment icon #49 Posted by Jacques Terreur 8 years ago
If I had a penny for how many Bigfoot spotting a I've seen. I'd have 500 pennies. if i had a penny for every "real loch ness monster proof" i've seen...i would owe people money!
Comment icon #50 Posted by freetoroam 8 years ago
Am I seeing things or is that bottle only 10 proof? It should say 70, and after drinking half the bottle it says 7070. Well spotted.
Comment icon #51 Posted by GrimmOne 8 years ago
Because the TV set is out of order and the liquor locker is empty. LOL you said the liquor locker most people have a liquor cabinet not a locker rotfl
Comment icon #52 Posted by Foil Hat Ninja 8 years ago
That's either Nessie or a stick. If it's the latter, this could go a long way in proving the existence of the Loch Ness Stick.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Ralaman 8 years ago
I am just happy this brave man wasn't killed while filming this......stick. HA!!!!
Comment icon #54 Posted by 8 years ago
They should hold a gathering of local wizards to protect our underwater ally
Comment icon #55 Posted by Misanthropic 8 years ago
I will bet my life that this is not Loch Ness Monster, but if this is truly Loch Ness Monster, then I will willingly be brutally tortured, raped, dismembered, beheaded, disemboweled, ravaged and burned in Hell for eternity. Ted Bundy would have loved you.

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